Hello Year of the Monkey!

 photo 12657930_10154485808572646_4007886345456765400_o_zpsa7vqe9ww.jpg

Can’t get enough of these hoa mai. :)

Hope you all have an enjoyable and restful holiday!

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Flower Street 2016

Last year, I brought my kids in tow to the Flower Street which is part of the Tet celebration. They were not really happy. Boys!

And this year, am not sure if I can bring them again so I decided to take a walk along Nguyen Hue and see what the decors are like this year.

 photo 20160205_152725_zpsnhii24kn.jpg

It’s the Year of the Monkey so as expected, there were lots of monkeys —

 photo 2016-02-05 15.52.07_zpskisyjorv.jpg
 photo 20160205_152207_zpsoawyskvc.jpg
 photo 20160205_152030-1_zpsndbzavus.jpg

I just did a quick walk around the street.

 photo 20160205_152617_zpsbjezxj6n.jpg

 photo 20160205_152104_zpsp3dcb7qe.jpg

 photo 20160205_152125_zpsxjlkogvc.jpg

 photo 20160205_152116_zpslszvv7sw.jpg  photo 20160205_152137_zpsrtelelce.jpg

The Flower Street will be officially open tonight at 7pm until February 12. I can already imagine the crowd. So it’s a treat to see this place empty.

 photo 20160205_152626_zpsevns7rxu.jpg

 photo 20160205_152644_zpsnhchxrrf.jpg

 photo 20160205_152640_zpsnw8zdjaa.jpg

Although it’s still prettily designed, it’s not as grandiose as in previous years.

 photo 20160205_152601_zpsuke1isgz.jpg

 photo 20160205_152403_zpseziweurm.jpg

 photo 20160205_152351_zps7wfnq8kr.jpg

 photo 20160205_152316-1_zps3kefcnae.jpg

I am still dreaming fitting into an ao dai and having my photo taken here like the folks do during this holiday.

 photo 20160205_152455_zps7wst97ym.jpg

 photo 20160205_152259-1-1_zpsxxpwhlfy.jpg

 photo 20160205_152211_zpsalmwclze.jpg

So if you’re not going out of the city this Tet, drop by Nguyen Hue!

Chuc mung nam moi!


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Tet 2016 at Crescent

Just sharing with you the scenes of Tet 2016 in Crescent. Haven’t visited during the evening though, am sure it’ll be a sight to see too! Can’t wait to see District 1 Flower Festival!

 photo 20160130_072812_zpsd78ouapd.jpg

The Crescent Residence area is now adorned with flowers. They were still fixing the place up when we visited last Saturday.

 photo 20160130_072951_zpsshvld8f5.jpg

 photo 20160130_072828_zpsgw0nnhxv.jpg

See those bamboos separating each area of the flower decor? I fell on that last year. :P

 photo 20160130_073034_zps6kyez3ja.jpg

 photo 20160130_073124_zpsgdmjkejc.jpg

 photo 20160130_073406_zpsg0xys9pu.jpg

 photo 20160130_073131_zpslnwpxyje.jpg

Am glad that they have more flowers now than rice paddies.  :D

 photo 20160130_073043_zpsydgubt61.jpg

 photo 20160130_073412_zpsvafamrnr.jpg

 photo 20160130_073314_zpscmofdqdh.jpg

 photo 20160130_073632_zpsnid4errb.jpg

 photo 20160130_073447_zpsuxckhcis.jpg

 photo 20160130_073457_zpslulumhwi.jpg

 photo 20160130_073640_zpsmxt6e1us.jpg

 photo 20160130_073746_zpsueby6mvb.jpg

 photo 20160130_074651_zpshjos77c1.jpg

 photo 20160130_075446_zps5xpap6lz.jpg

Forgot to take a photo of this area without my model. Haha.

 photo 20160130_073733-1_zpsxkdiccdp.jpg

So where are you off to on Tet?

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Saigon Heat vs Pilipinas MX3 Kings

 photo 20160117_174227_zpsph6vjcqw.jpg

A couple weeks ago on my birthday, we watched the basketball match between Saigon Heat and Pilipinas MX3 Kings.

 photo 20160117_164616_zpsaz6a840a.jpg

While we were waiting for the game to start, I was looking for familiar players from my country. I’ve been out of touch with the Philippine basketball scene so I didn’t recognize any of them until I saw, Willie Miller (11).
 photo 20160117_165719_zpslql4cfiq.jpg

What a terrific match that was! I know Saigon Heat lost but am sorry I was just giddy with excitement to see fellow Pinoys on the court. The game got heated that the Pinoy players had to get off the court as soon as they won the game.

 photo 20160117_191105_zpszi3bltd2.jpg

It was too bad really because we wanted photos taken with the players. :P Glad that we were able to catch Willie Miller though. Haha.


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This year’s personal theme is wellness (so help me God!). So I’ve embarked on a journey of choosing healthier food. :P And by some divine intervention, there’s Fit Food.

 photo c29673239d0ae88799f3c9f32e9bbd22dd71aa7749615d8d00cc7317a9e2038a_zpsydr2iays.jpg

The first time I heard about such service was way back in 2008 when I was still writing for Masigasig Magazine and we featured, The Sexy Chef. It’s run by Barni Alejandro and her famous sister, singer Rachel Alejandro. But back then, I had not trouble keeping my weight down.

 photo 20160104_131802_zpscgky0j1p.jpg

So when Grace told me about Fit Food, I instantly liked the idea. Plus the fact it saves me from deciding where and what to eat every lunch time when in the office.

 photo 20160104_173339_zpsbn3ih4ho.jpg

I started ordering at the start of the year so am in my 4th week. And so far, the food has been really good.

 photo 20160105_185048_zps3vh3xyii.jpg

The service has been excellent too so I have no complaints. You can order from two packages, the Full (breakfast-lunch-dinner) or the Fit (lunch-dinner).

 photo 20160121_165141_zpsuge1ywym.jpg

How has it been? I have to admit it wasn’t easy at first because I really love to eat. Have shed a few pounds but I have a long way to go. I know food isn’t my only problem. It’s also getting my butt off this chair to workout.

Do check them out if you’re interested. Also, their price is affordable that even if I don’t get my desired weight, I’m saving some moolah from eating out. :)

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 photo 20160109_151038_zpsk0ta81ui.jpg

Having been away from my country, I have become out of touch the Philippine showbiz scene. So imagine my surprise that one of the popular love teams was in the country a couple of weeks ago.

 photo 20160109_142650_zpsz2t02sct.jpg

I didn’t know the Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla tandem has a huge following in Vietnam for their TV series, Got to Believe.

 photo got-to-believe-kathniel-full-trailer-new-drama-2013_zpswmohxkkl.jpg

The Vietnamese fans loved their tandem so much that they were awarded as best actors in the recent IMC Face of the Year Awards here in Ho Chi Minh City.

 photo kathryn-bernardo-daniel-padilla_zpsv0uh5snp.jpg

I wasn’t planning on checking their mall tour when they came to town but since the mall was just a cartwheel away from our apartment, I couldn’t resist. I think the whole Filipino community showed up. :P

Now, I have no idea what their show, Got To Believe is all about, but it must have been good. Putting it on queue in my list of TV series to watch.


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Food Trip: Loving Hut

 photo 20160111_134308_zpsvioungij.jpg

A few weeks ago, we had a vegan lunch. Having lived in Vietnam, there is no escape eating veggies.

 photo 20160111_134106_zpsf5nxo9pu.jpg

Loving Hut is found in a hem (as usual) off Dien Bien Phu. And if not for our office lunch, I’d probably not have an idea this place existed.

 photo 20160111_132316_zpstkuv3fxp.jpg

It’s actually a pretty fancy place with tasteful decor. And the fact that we spotted Ms. Vietnam eating with her family here pretty much convinced me that it’s a popular spot.

Am not into vegan dishes but I have to admit the food is really good here and a must visit for vegans. I’m just not sure what these are called though but these are really good. :P

 photo 20160111_130124_zpsk0kdsid2.jpg
 photo 20160111_132316_zps4mx7tdju.jpg

 photo 20160111_123051_zps1oe806zk.jpg
 photo 20160111_123359_zpsyygoljya.jpg
 photo 20160111_130123_zpsmlvu7pat.jpg

 photo 20160111_125643_zpsrvpbruzc.jpg

If you’ve tried Hum, this is another place you should try.

Loving Hut
87 Dien Bien Phu, District 1, HCMC

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