Food Trip: Le Crespo

Ever since Starbucks opened along the Nguyen Thi Nghia – Cach Mang Thang roundabout, lots of coffee shops and restaurants have sprout up!

 photo roundabout_zpsvq1ymiyt.jpg

A few months ago, I started seeing a new pizza place, Le Crespo. I even pointed it out to hubby and wanted to try it out.

 photo 20151118_131935_zpsqgfw0ha6.jpg

And so, yesterday, I was finally able to try the food at Le Crespo with my good friend, Gigi.

 photo 20151118_131832_zps6zmgsmuo.jpg

The place is owned by Norwin Crespo and his wife, Ofelia. And the first thing you’d notice is its rustic and earthy interiors.

 photo 20151118_131932_zpsbe0cfamt.jpg

The kitchen with the wood fire oven is designed with bricks and mismatched tiles.

 photo 20151118_131905_zpshkl7zra4.jpg

Norwin scoured the city of materials.

 photo 20151118_131947_zpsdryanpuu.jpg

The table of this one below was from a ship —

 photo 20151118_132137_zpsttlasqwp.jpg

While this one is actually a painting —

 photo 20151118_132120_zpsuumd8ssb.jpg

This portion of the upper area is still under renovation but is a perfect place for parties and meetings that can seat around 70.

 photo 20151118_132038_zpsmeainlq6.jpg

Since it was just Gigi and I, we ordered the half-and-half Prosciutto Burrata and Shrimp (with Broccoli) pizza. I love Prosciutto and Burrata separately so putting them together was like the best treat ever!

 photo 20151118_120850_zpswqyaqt2w.jpg

We also got a sampler of their famous slow-cooked smoke-BBQ ribs. How slow? Is 12 hours slow enough for you? :P

 photo 20151118_125548_zpso0dmspof.jpg

I will go back for the ribs! The meat was falling off the bones. No knife needed! It’s flavorful and went well with their special sauce.

I highly recommend the place! If you want to try out the place, hit me up at for the special discount. ;)

Le Crespo
290 Ly Tu Trong St., District 1
Ho Chi Minh City
08 3539 9977

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35th Terry Fox Run on Sunday

 photo abc9617cbbde9da9eb215f151004637e69ccfd47a1baa030fdd84d4def108f76_zpsopnoplia.jpg

Finally, the Terry Fox Run shirts are available! Didn’t know they had an office at The Landmark which is just near where I work.

 photo 9b4b4a83e94fef5f4388bccbae39673a3e531937d671f06dcbaf4a620160d866_zps9gt6v63k.jpg

Got our bibs too. Shirts are at 200,000 VND each and if you want to make a donation, please do so. :)

 photo TFR-2015-Route-v1_01_zpsdwxletpi.png

The route is same as last year’s. So yes, people would have to go over the bridge along Tan Phu. Some kid on his roller blades last year fell on the crowd as he couldn’t stop himself down the bridge. So this isn’t really an ideal route. We’re planning to bring our bikes but seems much more safer to just run/walk.

See you all on Sunday bright and early at 8 am!

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Thanksgiving at La Fiesta!

 photo logo_zpsd114032c.jpg

It’s almost Thanksgiving! And La Fiesta’s Chef Scott is bringing back Scott and Binh’s Thanksgiving Menu!

Book your table now! Email or call Scott/Duc at 0944291697 for reservations.

 photo thanksgiving-2015_zpsjkfrd3l8.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mommy, can you outrun cancer?

This morning, as we were getting ready for school, my eldest son, Sam asked me, “Mommy, can you outrun cancer?”

I wondered why he was asking me that question until he pointed to my shirt. It was one of my favorite shirts when going out for morning walks. Incidentally, it was the Terry Fox Run shirt I used in 2012.

 photo 12219329_10154298318967646_37118803060734353_n_zpsfpfhpau0.jpg

We’ve been going every year since 2010 except for 2012 when I was pregnant with Rafa.

Going back to the question, can we outrun cancer? So I had to explain what the idea was all about the “run” — which caused me to explain about our family medical history. You see, my Dad had colon cancer and had to be operated on twice. He was lucky to dodge cancer but succumbed to liver cirrhosis which is a kind of cancer too. But still, he was colon cancer-free for over 15 years. So in a way, it was a win. And I was only in high school at that time.

And the other day? Our high school batch lost one of the brightest minds, Dr. Katherine Lipana. She died of lymphoma at age 38. If only you can hit cancer with a brick, I would.

KathLip, as I used to call her because we had other batchmates named Kathy, was (that hurts typing that) someone you knew would be successful in whatever she sets out to do. And she did. She graduated at the top of our high school class and went on to study in the University of the Philippines under the Intarmed program. That program allows students to graduate as doctors in 5 years time. Yes, Kathy is just brilliant! Her work as an OB-Gyne has brought and continues to bring joy to a number of families.

Although I’ve known her since I was in first grade, we didn’t keep in touch after high school and since am out of the country, I have missed lots of reunions with our class. But I remember sending her a message last June asking about a medical problem that I had. At that time, I didn’t know she was battling C. But I am grateful that despite that, she took time to answer my question.

Kathy, your light will not dim with your passing but forever shine with the families and children you helped create. 

On the 29th, it will be the Terry Fox Run again. And yes, my family will join again. Maybe we will not outrun cancer yet in my lifetime, but I do hope that this way, they will be made aware of their health and that in their lifetime, we’d finally beat this suCker.

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It is a given that towards the Christmas season, it doesn’t really get cool in Saigon. The cold season usually starts end of January and heightens during Tet. That’s why am thankful that from where I live, there are lots of trees around. Except that it is so unusual that Phu My Hung has been on the excessive trimming of trees!

 photo 11050164_10154298317847646_8717840098030674186_n_zpsckqdig3y.jpg

I’m sorry. But I don’t just get it. WHY NOW?

 photo 12249943_10154298317412646_8805243386426159895_n_zpsizancpcx.jpg

I mean yeah, they grow back but do you really have cut off everything and just leave the branches?

 photo 12219365_10154298317162646_521950227035977830_n_zpsxmjq9yei.jpg

A couple of months ago, I could understand the reason because it was sorta the rainy season and we’ve had a number of experiences with trees falling due to the heavy rains and wind. But seriously, it’s summery during Christmas, so WHY NOW?

 photo 12241693_10154298316842646_2358192442365272323_n_zpsomujlsvp.jpg

I think it’s just too much! See these trees? That has taken like a couple of months to grow back! And tell me, how could establishments who want to put up lights for Christmas do so? It really looks so ugly!

 photo 12278662_10154298315527646_3884696410447746714_n_zpskvtmi5xa.jpg

And these workers? They’ve been working their butt off for over a month now fixing the sidewalks and yes, no shade at all. I feel for these guys!

And all I want to know is WHY?!? And also, have you heard of the word, TRIM?

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Hidden Pathways

So I’ve been living for 6 years in the same neighborhood and it was only recently that I discovered that there is a pathway slicing through 10 blocks. :P Whatthe?!

 photo 1_zpsr2hgdntl.jpg

I’ve been like living under a rock?

 photo 2_zpso8stwl4p.jpg

And these pathways are terrific places to walk through under the sweltering morning heat.

 photo 3_zpskmngppgn.jpg

And since PMH has trimmed the trees off the branches in preparation for the rainy days, it has been quite hot walking along the sidewalks these days.

 photo 4_zpsxdqp7irm.jpg

It would just be nice though to see all the pathways clean and grass. There were bald spots all over. But there were some nice pathways like these:

 photo 5_zpsw9jz2hgb.jpg

 photo 6_zpsodbvnlo7.jpg

This was really sad:

 photo 7_zpstjez0wtf.jpg

 photo 8_zps0apqrrcx.jpg

 photo 9_zpstznpaghq.jpg

The pathways cut through until Nguyen Van Linh.

 photo ten_zpsviv65k7g.jpg

Just a light Monday morning post after the tragic events this weekend. Love and light to Paris and the rest of the world.

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Hello Saigon Turns 5!

 photo 12219592_10154279400707646_8102661761111409631_n_zpshhgw6ft7.jpg

It’s a perfectly ordinary day made extraordinary by me finally getting this shot while crossing Nguyen Van Linh St. I just love the tree-lined streets of Nguyen Van Linh (Trivia: this street is named after General Nguyen Van Linh, a Vietnamese revolutionary and politician).

It’s been 5 years since I got this blog up and running and hopefully I don’t run out of stuff to share to you guys. Thank you all so much for visiting and joining in my anniversary giveaways.

Happy 5th Birthday, Hello Saigon!

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