A Visit to Mai An Orphanage

Back in June, we donated some items to the Mai An Orphanage in Go Vap District. My son, Samuel was so happy to see the photos of the children enjoying their toys that he was convinced that we should visit the orphanage.

For two months, we’ve asked friends here in Vietnam for usable stuff that they would like to let go off to give the kids and staff of Mai An. On our part, we’ve prepared school supplies for the kids and was very lucky to get in touch with The Library Project headed by Angelique Masse Nguyen, here in Vietnam. The Library Project needs to have its own post entirely — as you cannot imagine the great work they do! So more on that later! :)

 photo 20150823_083212_zpstpoj9tes.jpg

So on a Sunday morning last August 23, we hauled all the stuff we’ve gotten from friends and headed to Go Vap. We got our trusted van from Duyen’s Van Rental that carried our group plus a number of odd-shaped boxes, a wheelchair, an easel, and 6 children’s bicycles.

The night before, we were racking our brains for the program and because of the language barrier, we were worried we won’t be able to do much. But you know what? We just let everything flow that day and it went so well. Sometimes having no program is the best program.

 photo 20150823_113507_zps3r6b7ccf.jpg

When we arrived, Sister Chi who heads the orphanage welcomed us and the children wowed us with their welcome performance. We were so overwhelmed that the kids took time to prepare.

 photo 20150823_093250_zpswh0lyco3.jpg

Then afterwards, our favorite magician and cooking show entertained the children.

 photo 20150823_101743_zps2ux5gyl0.jpg

 photo 20150823_101711_zpsycuuv2kg.jpg

 photo 20150823_101521_zpsh0hldqp3.jpg

Ultimately though, I loved watching the reactions of the kids and staff. They looked like they enjoyed the show so much and that just warms my heart.

 photo 20150823_100807_zpsziy8gc8y.jpg

 photo 20150823_100840_zpspyytkuup.jpg

We ordered food from Jollibee and they were so good to send Jollibee, the mascot to present two dance numbers.

 photo 20150823_103204_zpsj8lbk1gt.jpg
From where I come from, Jollibee is famous and I’ve never had a Jollibee party — which is quite the norm back in PH to have your kid at least have one Jollibee party in his lifetime. :P So it was quite a treat for us too!

 photo 20150823_103527_zpszteiuzvs.jpg

 photo 20150823_103605_zpsfvof326n.jpg

 photo 20150823_102530_001_zpslgypjtix.jpg

And of course, the kids (and adults) just had to have their photo taken with the big bee.

 photo 20150823_103837_zpsmokuja9f.jpg

Then it was off to the second floor to view the newly installed book corner by The Library Project. Thuy of The Library Project was there to oversee and Anh, their intern, explained to the kids about book care. How many books did they donate? 200!!! Yes! 200! We were just over the moon!

 photo 20150823_104202_zpst3xgn07m.jpg

Our hearts went out to little Tam. He is one year old and we were all so concerned about how things will be for him. So imagine our relief when we found out from Hillary Brown of Helping HOW that Tam will get his cleft fixed and his eyes as well. They have great plans for him and he will also be taught Braille! They are also raising funds for Tam’s continued treatment, so if you can dig deep into your pockets, please head on to HOW to make a donation.

 photo Picture1_zpsb3gamaqy.jpgMy son Rafa just loved hanging out with Tam

Overall, it was the #bestdayever and the kids surprised us (again) with their handmade gift to Sam who was celebrating his 7th birthday.

 photo 20150823_105659_zpspluuzpos.jpg
 photo 20150823_105732_zpsa5bybiip.jpg

 photo 20150823_183451_zpsoti8o1vp.jpg

I don’t know how the Sister Chi and the staff do it but the kids are being brought up so well! And everything was just so well-organized.

There were just so much photos of this memorable day so here’s more —

 photo 20150823_105452_zpszhuulxfw.jpgPrayer before meal

 photo 20150823_100606_zpss3lvu2mr.jpgGetting warmed up

 photo 20150823_100507_zpsrbb9jmhc.jpgWith the magician

 photo 20150823_095651_zpsuvusnauh.jpg
Free play

 photo 20150823_094209_zpsp9ju4nfv.jpgHe just loves the camera

 photo 20150823_092607_zpsugujb1nt.jpgRafa found a new friend

My deepest gratitude to everybody who have made this all possible:

  • Hillary Brown and Kerri Galligan for allowing us to help the kids.
  • The Library Project for the book corner.
  • The big hearts of: Lauren Scott, Tallmadge Family, Hollinger Family, Alday Family, Balbon Family, Deticio Family, Frianeza Family, Genato Family, Luciapao Family, Maling Family, Paulo Family, Yu Family, Payong Family, Romero Family, Nguyen Thi Bay, and Guzman Family
  • Jollibee for bringing in Jollibee, discounts, and freebies!
  • Happy Birthday JSC for discounts on the entertainment! ;)

Thank you all so much!

 photo 20150823_113940_zpssenrhmtu.jpg

The Mai An Orphanage is run by the Love of the Holy Cross Sisters and houses some 22 orphaned children from age 0. The orphanage also serves as the school of the children. Their number will increase more this year.

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Tiki.Vn and Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland

So I jumped in the color crazy bandwagon. Hubby even mentioned that Tiki sells them at a much lower price.

 photo tikivn_zpswoegbcir.png

While browsing yesterday, I spotted a new book available, Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland.

 photo 11891993_10154084150252646_2350591459464777091_n_zpsiwmz588l.jpg

I ordered yesterday and it promptly arrived today. It costs 68,000 VND in PNC but only costs 51,000 VND online. Plus 10,000 VND shipping charges. I know the difference is just a few dongs but I also wanted to check out Tiki’s service.

 photo 11866429_10154084150302646_8392797920932313666_n_zpswzhwcewn.jpg

So far, Tiki is the best online shop I’ve shopped in Vietnam so far. They deliver quick. They call way ahead of time that they’re on their way to deliver and they deliver right to your doorstep. None of those nonsense of me getting down the building and walking to the nearest landmark. :P

The website is in Vietnamese but Google Translate does it job.

Thanks Tiki!

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 photo 11889545_10154081221382646_1584271516764578294_n_zpsanjzaa3m.jpg

I was wandering around with Mom in Vivo City when we saw this quaint shop at the 2nd floor beside Sleep Boutique.

 photo 11898831_10154081040442646_7344621325381491129_n_zpsu6xk74ge.jpg

My eyes were immediately drawn to the vintage items.

 photo 11923231_10154081040752646_6411233489534704485_n_zpsxflfaz7m.jpg

And yes, you can purchase them. I really thought they were just for display purposes. :P

 photo 11873413_10154081042377646_3997336689622033963_n_zpst9343ijb.jpg

Sometimes, I long for my own home so I can decorate as I please.

 photo 11887839_10154081041847646_2511708944641741645_n_zpsc17osolq.jpg

I fell in love with items along this wall.

 photo 11180961_10154081044337646_7376981768767921581_n_zpsvpmk4ucu.jpg

Affordable wax stamps!

 photo 11921893_10154081045247646_4277987163056744769_n_zpssofjuo30.jpg

And scrapbooking items were available.
 photo 11049596_10154081045817646_5072054372082839697_n_zpshidfyrvq.jpg

Here are some wax in assorted colors.

 photo 11873395_10154081043402646_3936776879814620124_n_zpsmbjnpdtp.jpg

More stamps. :)

 photo 11898534_10154081046372646_2260622090404301501_n_zpsquu7lcnm.jpgLots of vintage-designed notebooks.

 photo 11888011_10154081047242646_6891732166418230838_n_zpsux1bbf2p.jpg

The bags were really nice too.

 photo 11914975_10154081047927646_4995013528720149896_n_zpstiucuhvd.jpg

And there were some aged leather goods.

 photo 11903983_10154081042707646_7643618921498601225_n_zpsmcv0rhry.jpg

They’re open daily from 9 am.

 photo 11898629_10154081047657646_767156345896225717_n_zpsowbibysq.jpg

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Motorbiking Essentials for Women

Like am an expert, right? LOL.

Fine, fine. I have no idea as to what are the essentials for women riding motorbikes in Vietnam but I do got a pair of eyes.

  1. Helmet – This one is for everybody. I still cringe at the sight of kids on motorbike with none on their head!
  2. Facemask – This one I don’t get. Why don’t the VN government just allow bikers to wear the full helmet with protection for the mouth area?
  3. Shades – Glare is always a problem on the road.
  4. Jacket – Who said jackets are for the cold season?
  5. Gloves – Especially for those sweaty hands!
  6. Socks – Specifically, toe socks. :P
  7. Shoes – Of course! But high-heeled shoes is normal.
  8. Wrap-around cloth – Yup! Am not sure if this is available elsewhere in the world but in Vietnam, those wrap around things that you used to cover the waist down is very popular.

 photo 11906786_10154073603307646_4188452883384860670_n_zpsuqibrpgq.jpg

This one is usual for office-working women who have to wear short skirts. Pretty useful.

 photo 11905379_10154073601237646_4103798755442282815_n_zpsnx4intnu.jpg

I wonder what will people come out with next.

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Throwback Thursday: My Top 12 Family Computer Games

This is one of those throwback Thursday kind of posts.

My eldest son, Sam and I were talking a few days ago about computer games and I feel he finds that am not one of those tech savvy — if playing computer games is the benchmark for being called savvy nowadays.

Back in the 80s, we had one of those televisions that also served as a table furniture. It had an accordion like front cover so you can close it when no one is watching TV. It’s similar to the one below which I remember watching a number of Friday the 13th and Twilight Zone TV with my scaredy-cat brother.

 photo tv_zpsm4knuyvs.jpg

Then we moved “up” to compact TVs of Nivico that kinda looks like this:

 photo tv1_zpswyn222fi.jpgThen, Family Computer entered. Am sure my boys can’t imagine playing a video game using a small-screened black and white TV. But we did. And it was fun!

 photo Family Computer Mini_zpsw7mclgmf.jpg

Here’s my Top 12 Family Computer Games (in no particular order). Well at least those that I still remember!

1. Mario Brothers. Our neighborhood friends even came together to play almost everyday. And we even formed our “computer club” where we’d exchange tips and tricks on how to finish the game and get lots of lives for Mario and Luigi.

 photo mariobros_zpsp3zrtb3t.jpeg

2. Popeye. Not my favorite but was sure entertaining!

 photo popeye_zpsqp3vrcz2.png3.  The Legend of Kage which I could play for hours!

 photo legendofkage_zpszjfy36sr.jpg4. Mappy. Do you remember Mappy? This was great fun and it was such an easy and relaxing game popping balloons. :P

 photo mappy_zpsawaotums.jpg

5. Galaga?

 photo galaga_zpsk4r2vwx5.jpg6. If I wanted a bit of a challenge climbing slippery slopes, I turn to Ice Breaker.

 photo NES_Ice_Climber_zpszjjgcxr8.png

7. The Elevator Man.

 photo elevator_action_remake_01_zpsbkzdj6ay.jpg8. Bomber Man.

 photo bomberman_zpsnkvvmaa7.jpg

9. Contra. I don’t like gun play all that much but my bro did.

 photo contra_zpsmn8r7axf.jpg10. B-wings.

 photo bwings_zpsw0ylghtb.jpg11. Battle City. In this game there was also an option where you can build your own city — the makings of Minecraft. :P

 photo battlecity_zpspwsbviee.jpg

12. Highway Star. Before everything go complicated in Need for Speed, Highway Star was it. I was sooooo good with this game. :P

 photo Highway Star J_zpsgjzcbdex.pngThe Family Computer was quite popular in the early 80s when Vietnam just began rebuilding. So am guessing none of these games are familiar. Maybe NES made its way during the late 80s?

Anyhoo, yes, son. I did play video games. And was pretty good at it too.

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Hi5 Live!

Have you heard about Disney coming again for Disney Live Mickey Mouse Music Festival? Disney is coming again September 30 to October 6 (Ho Chi Minh City) and in Hanoi on October 9 to 11.

But boy were we all surprised last week when we learned that Hi5 was in town! Needless to say we had to scramble for tickets — that were sold in secret! :P Looked like it was exclusive to YouTV and sponsors only. We only saw a handful of foreigners in the event last Wednesday, August 5.

 photo 11855623_10154055065282646_7174270587565647020_n_zpsrvgdgdb6.jpg

Hi5 is now shown at YouTV daily at 6PM.

 photo 11836709_10154055065892646_110649394633798959_n_zps3ny7vbwu.jpg

So we caught them at Hoa Binh Theater last week and they had several shows in Crescent Mall, Aeon Mall, and Vivo City.

 photo 11822540_10154055066252646_5241975539536807350_n_zps34u9053g.jpg

Would have liked to see them perform again at the malls BUT my kids were uninterested! I could not believe it!

 photo 11217540_10154055065642646_7195533497918629226_n_zps6goevgjj.jpg

My eldest son loves Hi5 but he kept on insisting that he liked the older group better. :P

 photo 11873697_10154055065502646_7282992499031263881_n_zps85non6ey.jpg

All I ever wanted is to have a photo taken with Stevie. :|


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What a Steal!

A couple of weeks ago, one my friends from high school visited and she’s been saying that their tourist guide has been warning them of people getting robbed in HCMC or getting ripped off. While I acknowledged that there are criminal activities in HCMC, being vigilant and aware of your surroundings when you’re out and about can thwart an untoward incident. And in my 6 years in Vietnam, I’ve never been robbed when walking the streets of Saigon.

Until yesterday.

 photo 11781796_10154037071917646_3861093248968193202_n_zpsmt05z8yc.jpgScene of the crime, Notre Dame Cathedral

I am sharing this experience not to scare people from visiting HCMC but to remind everyone that there are bad apples everywhere. And that in spite of being robbed, I still am grateful that what was only taken was a gadget that can be easily replaced (by a willing sponsor of course).

So yesterday, we got out from church at the Notre Dame Cathedral. We were waiting for friends, right outside the fully opened gate. I was holding on to my son while looking towards inside the church because my husband and younger son were still inside. The church attendant was stopping people from entering because the church will close for the morning. There were insistent locals (an elderly man and a lady wearing a hat) acting like tourists pushing me to the sides as churchgoers were spilling out of the doors.

I realize now that the man was distracting me when he spoke to me in Vietnamese while his partner in crime was unzipping my bag from behind. I felt the pressure of getting pushed ease up when the lady behind me suddenly bolted and that’s when I knew. Had I not checked my bag first, I would have caught them. But of course I just had to check. Sigh.

What an unfortunate incident. I am just glad that they did not take my wallet too. And that my phone was not too expensive. It’s actually a bit battered — well-loved and I know that they won’t be able to sell it for much. Whoever uses it won’t appreciate it as much as I do because of its sorry state. I just hope they won’t throw it away.

 photo 10982315_940997355962587_4459662468975824001_n_zpsd9jyrfkt.jpg

Instead of going to lunch with friends, we had to go home and change our passwords. Hubby was trying to get me to change my account from his phone but in my mental state yesterday, I could not remember any of my passwords at all. When we got home and I felt more  calm, I finally remembered my passwords!

A friend was a bit surprised how easily I moved on from this episode. I am too. I know that the persons involved were desperate and most probably needed the money and I just pray whatever amount they can get from selling my phone would help someone in need.

As for me? It helps that I have a generous and understanding husband who replaced my phone and helped me change all my account passwords. For that, I am truly grateful.

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