Seen in Saigon (Week 3)

So this week in Seen in Saigon —-

 photo 0-02-06-710561653947669b6d0c06246ad3985d0db0a20bfea97ef97bef242f551bb3d3_full_zps30fhhksf.jpg


 photo 0-02-06-f848632985dcb289d6f8f6046335c0cdc30e86e3e047b9b1902ffb789e941e6e_full_zps5udollxt.jpg

Pokemon Trainer shirt — I don’t normally play apps on my phone but by far, Pokemon Go is the longest game I’ve been playing since Mortal Kombat on PC. 😛

 photo 0-02-06-8d5fe1a09fb5cdc3c3bcaa9db5ab4d5dc5a0a68f2761f356ddd15ed1b3115cb9_full_zpspaxdmfc4.jpg

 photo 0-02-06-f04b9f46b5407e10071e96d25b705f5574ab4b60a5ad1394483147423f3faf8c_full_zpsfb0u39sy.jpgPhotographs of food made to look like actual scenes are on exhibit along Book Street.

 photo 0-02-06-0e3224734332422d7cf74a14a5bdb1ffddf897156230323ad497fe090e52024c_full_zpso5nqwotj.jpg

Jaw dropping designs of the streets of Saigon for the Lunar New Year.

 photo 0-02-06-f493fda98c1b10ebcb03f580a52cf98baf2262f44add03e4d80bbcf43fc6fcbb_full_zpses9eruve.jpg

Diamond Plaza heralding the Year of the Rooster!

 photo 0-02-06-05a278a4e91421ee7bad9144cc09f93f6bf420090ef5c73fdbc15bd267fd5f5e_full_zps0t645lcx.jpg

 photo 0-02-06-60848b8d4904a3b6cbaff3a6c2ea684ff9415fbbcd19da8edb904c0784d97eaa_full_zpsqbnv32ub.jpg
Awesome tote bags along Book Street.

 photo 0-02-06-0a73c798407cb5923a1bab7eff4eb3d07811c73419a7bd5d742e96cd63d87b17_full_zpstooh7ktu.jpg

My favorite cyclos.

 photo 0-02-06-6852b5175050878c85448d1f7a849a3d663220dd331cedf1e14d4944fa6afa37_full_zpsb11fflwz.jpg

Year of the Rooster display along Book Street.

 photo 0-02-06-988f9a670eece99016b0a7304010a9dece60b210af05453c1078903675ce0205_full.0_zps818tdbqy.jpg

Notebooks that reminded me of photographer/graphic artist friend, Ging.

 photo 0-02-06-0594e6e0ca4ad4b3ab2c364df7c35bff9779328717ec678d501b12e292bc299e_full.0_zpspocpp3r7.jpg

Hope you all have a great week ahead! 11 days till Tet! Woot!

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Made by Mun

So I have been trying to find a jewelry maker for the longest time when I chanced on Made by Mun. I wanted to have a sterling silver pendant with the number 100 on it. So as a “test” on Mun’s service, I ordered this 100 pendant (coz I wanted another one made).

 photo 0-02-06-9f8d2fbb46d18f67271b46c33f47854a72db977431a37b36b3a4671dc5c3f9c0_full_zpsbbiutnts.jpg

My kids were on a holiday, so we set out to one of Mun’s shop in 175 De Tham St. in District 1 — where there were lovely creations. But must concentrate on one pendant only. Haha.

 photo 0-02-06-947300b5c48076b95501a54c3824ade4014e661917b9544b38e12c5a4abdc362_full_zpspsehequx.jpg

I placed the order on Friday and I received a message from Mun that the pendant was already available on a Sunday. Normally, it would take them 3-5 days.

 photo 0-02-06-a3b59f20da2aa874ed1de72e93d3d40199fff2fa444cde37f3f26c9f78e7aa1e_full_zpst420fbj8.jpg

Monday was hectic so I requested that it be delivered to my workplace. And Mun readily agreed! What awesome customer service! Thoroughly satisfied too with her work. Highly recommended!

Made by Mun
175 De Tham St., District 1, HCMC

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Seen in Saigon

 photo 0-02-06-4f92e44637be466742e2dcd852e6e7b0f1676a28b1cf59adba9bcbc45c84526f_full_zpsb3akq2uo.jpg

In a blink of an eye, here we are. 2017.

Right after Christmas, shops started packing the greens and have started to bring out the yellows, reds, and gold for Lunar New Year. And for someone who celebrates Christmas and New Year, it’s hard to get into the swing of things after the holidays only to head straight to an official Vietnam holiday. I feel like we’re still in a lull until after January. Not to mention the holiday eating continues.

 photo 0-02-06-a69ad9930f2dcd4a155e4ea0e4207175fa868e72c0591fa56e40d20b3bc55940_full_zpshdlypbak.jpg

I went for a walk today along Cong Xa Paris area and boy, were there lots of tourists. And the tour group leaders nowadays, don’t shout calling to their group. I’ve seen them sporting microphones while the rest of the group wear earphones. Reminded me of silent rave parties.

 photo 0-02-06-b5e972ad55477f2b6d19397ee6cda4af84b5eb369795f1841f8e3d325621099b_full_zpsjueen6ng.jpg

The weather is pretty hot today and am dreaming of colder climates. Why is it so hot when Tet is just a couple of weeks away?!

 photo 0-02-06-693bf69ac8fd1aa6772667b3922dad993144c5b1780cdc3c57d57c5f8745c5e9_full_zpsmjty0tzt.jpg

Was going round and round Book Street looking for nice souvenir items to give away and am always drawn to notebooks inspired by well-loved children’s books. Aren’t they great?

 photo 0-02-06-5b19357eaafd14d613fee2fb134afc87592b369df802a63f15b76c18c15731a0_full_zpsd9b2shtl.jpg

In honor of the gastronomic delights of Vietnam, they’ve also come out with the above notebook.

 photo 0-02-06-ebba24528a4c2c7a72586ce6d73f061c126252d0947813165351f5437242ce49_full_zpstkhp9gz8.jpg

What do you guys think about dried fruits as gifts for friends back home? There’s the usual jackfruit but I saw this in CoopMart yesterday and looked interesting. It’s not rave-worthy but tastes okay.

 photo 0-02-06-fa84648a65de44d2b861adb83f51880416b8f15a5f924c9d59f5845a8febce54_full_zps1vsdnnoc.jpg

Now the dehydrated onions is pretty good but who wants stinky breath, right?

 photo 0-02-06-d6df431cee4b0d7f1ab1d3e94288cd5e68d8f71f77d0fba3b1b2946f7990bef2_full_zpszyjuhkip.jpg

Starbucks has come out of the Bearistas dressed like a rooster. Bear x rooster. Sounds ridiculous but hey, it’s Tet.

 photo 0-02-06-23445520884e2138c7d8e9db6b645f83d7f97f0efa129bbd1b2b824e35a9f075_full_zpso63wevyv.jpg

Oh and if you’re one of those Starbucks collectors, Starbucks Vietnam is finally coming out with Starbucks Rewards tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great start of the week!

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Welcome, 2017!

 photo welcome2017_zpssnvmwtxw.png
Well, this will have to do. No fireworks this year for the New Year and Tet. But hey, a huge yay for the environment!

Welcome, 2017! Please be kind!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Let MarketOi do the shopping for you!

Even if Vietnam isn’t a Catholic country, it is now celebrating the Christmas holiday, massively. Last week, because of Vietnam’s president visit to Ho Chi Minh City combined with the number of malls and bazaars having holiday sales, not to mention store fronts in their Christmassy decor attracting hordes of crowds for picture taking, the traffic was horrendous! For the first time, I got turned down by a cab to take me to a destination because the traffic wasn’t moving in that area.

So there I was desperate to do some shopping but couldn’t. Good thing there is MarketOi.

 photo marketoi3_zpsaawx1qnn.png

With MarketOi, you can just go to their site or their IOS app, choose the delivery location and choose the products you want to purchase from their list covering food, drinks, and home essentials. When I say food, yes they can order for you and deliver right to your doorstep. They cover restaurants, fast food, convenience stores, and grocery.

 photo market0i2_zpsiou8thh5.jpg

Once you’ve placed your order, you get a notification that it is assigning a shopper to you. Then once they’ve found a shopper (should be under 2 minutes), they’ll shop and deliver within 30 minutes. They will confirm this through an SMS message or Viber message OR Whatsapp. Now, it they can’t deliver on time due to the fact that the shop may have ran out of what you ordered or anything that may cause delay, they will let you know.

 photo 20161221_190721_zpswjhxpdju.jpg

Then once they deliver, you pay the shopper / delivery person plus shipping cost of 30,000 VND. Not bad if you are in need of something in D1 and you are in D7.

Oh and you can be a shopper too if you want to try that out. So this is like the Uber/Grab of shopping. 😉

And here comes the fun part, MarketOi is letting you use their service for free. Am giving away the free delivery promotion code to the first 20 readers who sends me an email to with the subject: Market Oi

They deliver to D1, D2, D3, D4, Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan, and D7. However, please note that some food delivery may not be possible because of the distance from the restaurant to your place. I mean, who wants soggy fries, right?

Try it and see how easy it is to get shopping done in the city!

Merry Christmas!


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Maison Marou Chocolate – Cafe

When we were in Dalat around this time last year, we were in search of the best hot chocolate. It was the perfect drink in the cold, cold climate of Dalat during Christmas. Was excited too to have tried Paul Bakery’s hot chocolate here in Saigon.

And then there’s Marou. Somewhere in Saigon‘s Tanya mentioned it in one of her post that I couldn’t wait to visit Marou’s cafe. I love the fact that they source their cacao beans from local farmers and that they produce single origin chocolate bars and now that they have their cafe!

 photo 0-02-06-db18ec074ab9906fda8bc1528845e4c0f3bd094c59f1318f0deb3c27e84520c2_full_zpsubbyv9d7.jpg
So a Sunday ago, the whole family went there and we’re glad we came. Wish though that there were more of their cafes around (especially in D7 *hint* *hint*).

 photo 0-02-06-df9c1f69953083150c32d7dde80fda67780055e1d9a0d98a3726ce7685c5abd1_full_zps3agdhgks.jpg

The place was packed and the only available seats were by the open kitchen.

 photo 20161218_163205_zpspwh76zjk.jpg

 photo 20161218_163159_zpsagwarygv.jpg
Lucky for us actually since my youngest son, Rafa, loves chocolates. He just sat there the entire time watching the chocolatiers do their work. He got a bit confused what to order though.

 photo 20161218_155629_zpscxrklnxk.jpg
These were amazing!

 photo yum_zpszismc12h.png

 photo 20161218_163625_zpsqwcensis.jpg
Before we left, I just had to get some of their chocolate bars. When I lined up, man, there were people buying over 10 bars each. I’ve tried the Candied Chili and it’s way spicy! Tastes good but definitely something you can’t eat in one sitting unless you’re doing a spicy challenge or something.

 photo 0-02-06-3192c2ec91741148a651745573ec15903fe0c4d6bf43811a89bbae52a9d76249_full_zpsfajmnca4.jpg

 photo 20161218_163640_zpsibt3gegc.jpg

 photo 20161218_162501_zpsafnwk4us.jpg

 photo 20161218_162444_zpsex9kct5h.jpg

 photo 20161218_155933_zpsnlnpuivk.jpg

 photo 20161218_155731_zpsqa1qd4d5.jpg

 photo 20161218_155711_zpsy3tekdzq.jpg

Sorely tempted not to write their address here. Hahaha. But am sure a lot of people know where this is already.

Maison Marou Chocolate – Cafe
167-169 Calmette Road, District 1, HCMC

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Mừng Chúa Giáng Sinh

 photo ccard_zpscc8qq7lg.png

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