Customized Tumblers from Lock & Lock

This is not a paid post but just wanna share something I’ve discovered recently with friends visiting from Manila.

 photo 20160930_114003_zps9az3uu09.jpg

A few weeks ago, friends were asking about customized tumblers from Lock & Lock which they’ve heard were available here in Vietnam. I really had no idea what they were talking about until we ended up in Lock & Lock in Vincom.

 photo 20160930_114421_zpsqryaoqx5.jpg

So there are several choices of tumblers which you can purchase and have a name engraved on for free in just 5 minutes!

 photo 20160930_114605_zps80avdw71.jpg

So wouldn’t you know it? I learned this from tourists!😀  A perfect gift for family this Christmas!😉 I checked out Lock & Lock in Crescent Mall and yup, they have this service too. I bet they’ve had this service for a long time and I just didn’t notice.

Oh and friends found out that this is available too in Manila — only that you have to wait a week to get your tumbler engraved on.


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Vote for Janice Phuong for Vietnam Idol 2016

 photo viet2_zpsdlskmiqq.jpg

The original show, American Idol may have bowed out but Vietnam Idol is still on air. This year, Filipina singer, Janice Phuong made it to the finals together with rival, Viet Thang.

 photo viet1_zpspwumncdr.jpg

Yesterday, Janice sang two songs, a difficult Vietnamese song entitled Đừng Yêu (Do Not Love, literally translated) and Jessie J’s Burnin’ Up.

 photo viet3_zpsctnqldth.jpg

Check out her performances:

She was phenomenal!

Read more about her here.

But please, please don’t forget to vote for her. There are 2 ways:

  1. Via Google – Make sure you’re logged in and use the keywords “than tuong am nhac” or “vietnam idol voting” and then the page will lead you to the Vietnam Idol Voting app. You can vote up to 3 votes.
     photo vietnamidol1_zps3m5bgvid.png
  2. Via SMS – Just type “9” and send to 6370. Each SMS costs 3,000VND.

 photo 0-02-07-ff10785eb043bfc2260ae9320e507d5655d2401890a38390bd50b55403279be4_full_zpsihg67oov.jpg

Voting is till Friday, 30 September!

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Movie Coasters by Artbook

Remember me raving about the movie posters by Artbook?

 photo 0-02-07-2f12187b629d468d25fa1472b8c73a995c1c712a6c8d166b9eb19713fa1fee7f_full_zpsszuyfgkv.jpg

Yes, yes, like The Big Bang Theory poster I got. I know the Lego version is not part of this post but yah know, this might be the last time I get to build one as I have no patience for building things…so let’s just park this photo here, shall we?

 photo 20160922_141835_zps8m0gtysm.jpg

So anyhoo, the posters has a coaster counterpart! Look at this loot!

 photo 20160922_125413_zpsqjhqexo3.jpg

It was quite a feat to stop myself to buy these.

 photo 20160920_165546_zps6n69eotb.jpg

Ugh. Back to the Future. Be still my heart!

 photo 20160920_180339_zpslephf1fk.jpg

They’re currently a buy 5 coasters, get 1 free promo.

 photo 20160920_180154_zpsucilbzgq.jpg

I did not splurge I promise you. These coasters are going to friends in Manila.

 photo 20160920_180608_zpsrdj7qebm.jpg

Am just amazed by the artwork of Artbook. Who are the artists behind these? Would like to feature them if possible. Hello, Artbook!

 photo 20160920_180415_zps7uypeoac.jpg

If you’re not keen on posters or coasters, they do have a postcard version. Now that’s really something!

 photo 20160920_180212_zpserxnablj.jpg

And I also spied a LOTR placemat! Huhuhu! Avoid TRI Books at all cost if you don’t want to break your budget.

TRI Books
158 Dong Khoi St., District 1
Ho Chi Minh City


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Lotto in Vietnam

I am not sure when Vietlott became operational but it was way back in January last year that it became open to a foreign investor. And it was just recently that a Lotto outlet opened near our place.

 photo 20160906_191340_zpskwzeod82.jpg

And so hubby decided to try it out with our son’s help deciding on the numbers. LOL.

 photo 20160906_191314_zps3uiqkxgt.jpg

When the prize is 32 billion VND, how can you not try?

In Vietnam where casino is not allowed for the locals, this is the nearest thing aside from the sweepstakes.😛

For our first try, we won 30,000 VND! Hahahaha!

That reminds me that I have to cash in.😛

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Saigon Square 3

Last Saturday, we were hanging out at a coffee shop wasting time at the PokeGym (I know!) when I had the bright idea to check out Saigon Square 3 (technically it’s 2 because, Saigon Square 2 has closed down already) along Hai Ba Trung.

So yeah, instead of wasting time, we wasted money as well.

I work a couple of blocks away from Saigon Square HBT but has never set foot in it. It was built early last year. I believe it’s a 2 storey complex but after over a year, only the 1st floor is operational.

It smells cleaner and is more orderly than the Saigon Square 1 (SS1) along Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. But that meant, it had less customers. Compared to SS1, this one wasn’t bustling with people on a Saturday afternoon. I could hardly find a quiet spot in SS1 on a weekend.

Of course SS1 would have more products as it is bigger but SS3 there are some nicer choices on clothes here in my frame and size.😛

Well, all the more reason to shop in Saigon!

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Trung thu vui vẽ

 photo 20160827_164528_zpsbhgqoq04.jpg

Photo taken at Ginkgo Concept Store, Le Loi St., D1

It’s the 15th and today marks the Mid-Autumn Festival. How many mooncakes have you consumed by now?🙂

Trung thu vui vẽ!


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What’s your mooncake flavor?

Mid-Autumn festival or Tết Trung Thu is happening in a couple of weeks and you cannot ignore the mooncakes being sold left and right. And this year, my first taste of mooncake was The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Black Forest mooncake.

 photo 20160820_161809_zpsftcp4r0v.jpg

It was so good that I got a whole box for a friend who’s been missing mooncakes a whole lot.

 photo 0-02-01-4bf6ce7d8d92b9cda7756331ff5fcba3d3c88be8e6c11fbb64f03333d1cd347b_full_zps8qfl8jkz.jpg

One mooncake costs 150,000 VND each but can gets pricier when packaged this way.

 photo 0-02-01-c12c48ecdb190edf77c9013909b4281fee74acb11c15a9d40fa922df2caa0a9f_full_zpse262nihy.jpg

The three more flavors are Tiramisu with Cream Cheese, Pandan Lotus, and Green Tea Lotus.

 photo 0-02-01-02f3be8b1d6b1b2d9b2b8c5becba1475540c2fdeb93f6b8c08d8825508d9a80e_full_zpscdlfhtkr.jpg
This year, the office got it’s mooncake from Hotel Equatorial. Yup, the box is made of leather. It was heavy.

 photo 0-02-01-7facfc28152b4205e597f1fcc2945c2f30f93aa2d62f666cb15529fcac174d3b_full_zps9jlpi4i7.jpg

I was hoping for an all non-traditional flavors but who am I kidding?

 photo 0-02-01-d0e3f093adf1b40c0dfb9f0453a115b765f7957d3f80aa511ed998bf1319cef3_full_zpsfkkx3sak.jpg

There’s the Lotus & Dark Cherry, Mixed Spices with 1 egg, Roasted Chicken with 1 egg, and the Green Tea Lotus.

 photo 20160821_101044_zpsiln6ksw8.jpg

I always look forward to how the new mooncakes each year would look like and the very expensive packaging.

 photo 20160821_101056_zpssvaqyrsf.jpg

Chocolate Graphics has come out with their own mooncakes. Interesting!

 photo 20160821_101134_zps6bgxmtpu.jpg

The food in Golden Jade Restaurant is delicious –hopefully, their mooncakes as well.

 photo 20160821_101209_zpssyzntnkb.jpg

McDonald’s have amped their prices this year.

What’s your go to brand for mooncakes?

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