Hello Saigon!

More than a year ago, I said goodbye (for the time being) to Manila and said hello to Saigon.   Luckily, Saigon opened it’s arms to me in welcome and has been a real home to me and my family.

Everyday living in Saigon for me is a field trip.  Through a foreigner’s eyes like mine, everything is brand new and alive!

It’ll be a couple of years more before we move on to another place, but for now, Saigon is home.

Hello Saigon!

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2 Responses to Hello Saigon!

  1. Soki says:

    Hi Lyra,

    I’ve been in HCMC for 3 weeks now and I find your site very useful. =) Keep on posting!

  2. Lyra says:

    Hi Soki!

    Thanks so much for dropping by! Truly grateful for your kind words.


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