Saigon Morning

Saigon River

It’s the time of the year again when Saigon experiences beautiful mornings and rainy afternoons.  As a foreigner who left the same climate back in Manila, this is nothing new.  What’s different is that even if it’s raining, the Vietnamese still somehow gets home on their motorbike — wet and all.  That doesn’t bother them at all!

In Manila, the scene would be long queues to the MRT and throngs of people crowding the streets hoping to get a ride.  Top it off with an awful, awful traffic jam!

But i digress.  I write this entry to talk about the beautiful Saigon morning I witnessed today as I walk from Dong Khoi St. (where I got off the shuttle) to my office in Nguyen Hue St.  It was glorious!  In my mind, I was literally skipping on the sidewalk.  The interplay of the sunshine and breeze just made a beautiful Saigon morning.  I just had to whip out my pen and scribble about it when I got to my desk.

Saigon Morning

I sit here looking out my window
with shards of sunlight streaming.
I watch the river meander round the bend
and see the boats and ships speeding
away into another land
docking on unknown shores…
my heart can only hope to know
where the Saigon River flows.

How lovely, lovely this day is!
How vibrant and alive!
How I wish it will be so again tomorrow
to see God’s work magnified!

It’s always calm before the storm
and it may bring a frown or two —
but for now, I am thankful for this time
of calm and quiet moment with You.

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