Shuttling In and Out of District 7

Shuttle Bus

For foreigners living in District 7 that do not have the luxury of having their own car or motorbike, finding the cheapest and quickest mode of transportation is important.  Hiring a taxi cab from District 7 to District 1 will most likely cost you a little under 100,000 VND or around 5 USD.  That’s too much compared to riding a public bus at 3,000 VND or hitching a ride in a xe om at probably around 50,000 VND.  Now the bus can really take a long time to get to your destination and riding a xe om is not for the faint of heart (at least for me).

But here’s the tip.  There are Phu My Hung Shuttles with two (2) routes from District 7 to District 1 (and back) at only 10,000 VND (50 cents).  It’s comfortable, air-conditioned and doesn’t make a lot of stops compared to a bus.  You just have to know two things:  route and schedule.  Download the Shuttle Route.

Here’s the schedule:

Phu My Hung Shuttle Schedule

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4 Responses to Shuttling In and Out of District 7

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  2. yuyttgoon says:

    Hi lyra, may I know how long it takes from D1 to D7 by taking this bus? where is the starting station?

  3. Lyra says:

    Hi. Please download the Shuttle Route link above. It takes 30 minutes to get from D1 to D7 and vice versa. 🙂

  4. Yuyttgoon says:

    Dear Lyra,thanks for the help! I have problems downloading the file. Is there another way to get it or do you mind sending to my email at Does the bus come on time?

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