Domino’s Pizza in Town

Whenever a Western restaurant opens a store in Saigon, it’s always a cause for celebration.  Back in Manila, we are no strangers to such shops since the Philippines is a highly Westernized country.  So when Domino’s Pizza hit Ho Chi Minh City, specifically District 7 (hooray!), it was big news!

Today, I was able to walk to Domino’s and ordered their Seafood Pizza.  It was okay.  I think I should have just ordered the Pepperoni.  The truth is I was looking for some Apple Crumble dessert.  Alas, they didn’t have that.  What they have though is the Chocolate Lava Cake — which I didn’t try.

Domino’s has a second floor where you can possibly hold parties.  It can comfortably seat 50 people.  I love that the dining area is so spacious.

There will be time to taste test all pizzas Domino’s has to offer.  But so far, Seafood Pizza is forgettable.  Maybe in time, the taste would improve.

For delivery, you can call 39393030.  If they don’t deliver in 30 minutes, your food is for free!  Download the MENU here.

Visit them at 117 Nguyen Duc Canh, KP My Duc, P. Tan Phong, Q. 7.  For more information, check out and you might win a free pizza!

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