Smart Shopper

Shopping in a foreign country can test your sleeping neurons to hyperactivity which may lead to nausea and dizziness.  And this rings true for Vietnam.  With so many zeros on your money, it can be quite a challenge to do conversion to your own currency.  Add to it the fact that Uncle Ho’s face is on every note.  It just makes things even more complicated.  Shopping is supposed to be fun and it is no fun trying to do mental gymnastics while haggling!

To convert to peso, just drop the last 3 zeros of the price then multiply by 2.5.  I know, right?  MULTIPLY?  What the fudge is that?   So take it from this smart shopper, Kim, who brought her own calculator as we went shopping yesterday.  Bringing your own calculator saves time and and saves shortcircuiting your brain that may cause stroke.  It’s just uncool telling people you became comatose because of shopping.

To add to your artillery, bring your MOM.  I kid you not!  Kim’s mom is an expert shopper!  MOMS are GREAT HAGGLERS!  I even asked Tita to haggle for the stuff I was buying. She saved me 1,150,000 VND.  No joke!

It was no wonder Kim was geared up with her trusty calculator and huge bag.  Kim only learned from the very best.

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