Crunchy Treats

I’ve been always curious about these crunchy snacks I see on the streets.  After taking a trip to Mekong and tasting all the yummy rice delicacies, I was pretty sure that this one will taste good as well.

So when I saw this lady selling these snacks right outside my favorite Lotteria hang-out along Nguyen Hue St., I bought a couple of bags to bring home to my son.  Now the big bag is 60,000 VND which is obviously a rip off.  The smaller ones were 30,000 VND which IS still a rip off.  I haggled the price and got it lowered to 20,000 VND.  When I reached the office and asked my Vietnamese officemate, she said, it was like 2,000 VND per wafer and I should have paid 10,000 VND for each bag!  Troi oi!  LESSON LEARNED!

Next time, I won’t speak at all and just hand in my money and leave!  Or better yet, I’ll bring my Vietnamese officemate with me!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad or anything because like everywhere else in the world, there’s a local price and avforeigner price.  And I got the latter of course.  But at least I didn’t have to pay the 30,000 VND each.

Next time, I know better!  Oh, and the snacks were yummy alright!

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