Xmas Tree Sighting: Buu Dien

at the Buu Dien

As you all know, Vietnam does not celebrate Christmas but as our priest pointed out last Sunday, Vietnam celebrates 3 New Year: Lunar, Christ the King, and January 1st.  Now the Christ the King celebration which celebrates the start of the Church’s calendar year is debatable but there are Catholics in Vietnam.  But Christmas isn’t just a big a thing here.

Anyhoo, imagine my surprise when I dropped by the post office yesterday to send some postcards.  Voila!  A 15 feet Christmas Tree.  I think. 😀

I don’t remember seeing that last year!  I’m glad though because Christmas is always, always a joyful time.  Celebrating Christmas in a non-Christian country is the pits especially if you’re trying to pass on the tradition to your kids.  And so, I’ve also resorted to playing Christmas songs at home.

I can’t wait when Dong Khoi Street is fully spruced and lit up for the holidays!  It is a sight to see!

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3 Responses to Xmas Tree Sighting: Buu Dien

  1. Rollie Juanta says:

    I have a great time reading your blogs, it was inspiring!

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