A Taste of Dalat

I don’t know how the Vietnamese ever keep their lean figures because with the amount of food available in our office — I don’t think there’s any hope for me losing any weight.

Today, when I passed by our communal table where goodies are always displayed, such as mangoes, rambutan, longan, and tamarind, there was a new addition.  This yummy pickled-strawberries or dehydrated strawberries or whatever they call it came all the way from Da Lat and it was really a treat!  It was so good that I forgot to ask who brought it.  😛

The bad (or good depending on the way you look at it) thing is that you can only get it from Da Lat.  Which isn’t bad really if you’re watching your weight.

So there, I bet tomorrow, this will be gone.  See you again someday…maybe when we get to visit Da Lat.

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