Crescent Gym

Having won a few Zumba classes allowed me (together with my other mommy friends) to check out the Crescent Gym in Crescent Plaza in Phu My Hung.

The gym is new and caters to the residents of Crescent only. 😦  I know it’s really a downer.  If not for the Zumba class, we wouldn’t have been able to try their facility.  Well actually, we just tried their dance studio for the Zumba and Yoga classes.  Now the yoga class was actually just a trial class by an Indian teacher and we couldn’t pass it up since it’s FREE. 😛

The Zumba class is handled by Ja Nathan and if it’s your first time to join, it’s free as well.  Her classes are every Monday and Wednesday at either Sasa Studio or Crescent Gym at 9 am.  The class is for an hour only but man oh man, you’re gonna really sweat it out.  Her rates are 100,000 VND per class or 800,000 VND for 10 classes which you have to attend within 6 weeks.  So you can’t be absent for more than 2 times.

The Crescent Gym has a swimming pool, squash court, and sauna.  Kids/babies/tots are discouraged to be brought to the gym as they truly cater to health and fitness enthusiasts and provide an area for relaxation.

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5 Responses to Crescent Gym

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  2. rose says:

    Still now ,iam still unhappy and sad about this center!Their staff are rude with the clients!
    It isnt comfortable when contact with them when we check in and check out!

  3. Lyra says:

    HI Rose,

    I have forwarded your comment to the management. Hope they do something about this.

  4. rose says:

    Thanks Lyra!
    The management have solved this problem!Iam Happy for this!Thank you!
    Have a nice day!

  5. Lyra says:

    Thanks Rose for the update. Glad that the Crescent Gym management handled this proactively. 🙂

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