Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

…Jack Frost nipping at your nose… I just love this song!  This has been my Christmas song for days!

The holidays are truly upon us.  As I was walking from the post office to TRI bookstore, a bunch of workers were seated by the sidewalk stringing Christmas lights together.

Further down, I saw these group of workers moving back and forth across the street of Dong Khoi putting up Christmas lights — risking life and limb as they try to dodge motorbikes and cars.  In this photo, this group was almost hit by that black car.  It still amazes me every time seeing such workers go to work with no safety equipment in place.  An orange or caution flag on this railing could have very well done the job.

Anyway, in other news, I tried purchasing Christmas cards from the vendors at the corner of Nguyen Du and Dong Khoi.  I must admit the cards were all so pretty!  But dang, it was for 30,000 VND each.  I tried to haggle for them for 10,000 VND but the lady was giving me those small cards that looked silly.  After a wrestling match between the angel and devil in my brain, the angel won and so I walked away.  And good thing that I did too because I found nice cards in Fahasa for only 3,500 VND!!!  Better ones were at 4,500 VND.

So, I’m sending my Christmas cards this week hopefully so it reaches my friends just in time. 🙂

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