Blue Ocean Resort and Mui Ne Food Trip

For the second time, we visited Mui Ne for a few days of relaxation (thanks to my office!).  It was actually our company Christmas outing and we stayed at Blue Ocean Resort.  Having no agenda made the outing really relaxing and fun.  We hung out by the beach and had fun trying out different restaurants along Nguyen Dinh Chieu St.  December is such a perfect time to go to the beach here in Vietnam because the weather is just great!  We did the same last year, when we went to Long Hai Beach in Vung Tau and the weather was just right!  Best of all, Blue Ocean (and Mui Ne in general) wasn’t crowded.  There were lots of guests but basically, people here tend to keep to themselves and just try to enjoy a quiet time by the beach.  Except for one incident when my officemates “borrowed” a couple of sunbeds.  Needless to say, the lady who reserved the beds was gone for 2 hours and when she came back she insisted on getting the beds back.  After much discussion, we agreed to return one bed.  The lady placed her towel back and LEFT FOR HOURS AGAIN!  She never even laid on the freaking thing!

Anyway, we didn’t let that really ruin our holiday so we just forgot about the whole incident and laid in the sun.

For breakfast, we feasted on the resort’s yummy buffet.  Love, love, love the fruits especially the passion fruit!  The dragonfruit is grown in this area as well, so we ate a lot of those too!  We also ate lunch once in the resort (ala carte) and I must say, their meals are really good.

For our first dinner, we ate at the restaurant right across the hotel and we ordered seafood.  I love the dessert there as well!  On our second night, we ate at Good Morning Vietnam and indulged in pizza, pasta, and steaks!

We also tried out Cay Bang overlooking the sea and man oh man!  The food there is something I’d like to cook myself.  We ordered the fish salad, clams, and their fish soup that is equivalent to our Filipino sinigang.  The fish soup though had pineapple making it taste both sweet and sour!  Excellent!

Must go places also include Sankara and The Art House.  🙂

Going back to Blue Ocean Resort — the food, accommodation, and service are topnotch!  I would stay there again!  I love our room!  If the beach and pool weren’t inviting, I would have lazed in the room for all 3 days! 🙂

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