Postcards from Saigon

I am a Postcrosser.  It’s no secret that I got bit by the Postcrossing bug a few months ago.  So far I’ve sent over 40 postcards through Postcrossing and over 60 more through direct swaps.  I have received the same number of postcards too from 30+ countries.  This statistic is nothing compared to the postcrossers who have been members for years.  But nonetheless, I am very happy with my collection. 🙂

The sad thing though is that I’m sending postcards from Saigon when I am a Filipino.  I would really love to send postcards from the Philippines but it’s kinda weird sending postcards from home when the post stamp is Vietnam.

But I’ve got to admit, the postcards here in Vietnam are awesome!  I have my own small collection of my favorite Vietnam postcards.  And I love postcard shopping whenever I get the chance to go out of Saigon.  The one I’m featuring now is that of ducks going up/downstream to find food.  I just find the whole shot so graceful.  This was taken by the way by photographer Truong Cong Kha.

Technically, this postcard isn’t of Saigon but since I live in Saigon and I’m the one who’ll be sending this, it IS from Saigon then. 😀

Drop me a line if you would like me to send you this postcard with your address of course. 🙂

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