PFS: Woman in Cyclo

I know this blog suddenly feels like all about postcards but what better to encapsulate Saigon but through postcard shots taken by trained photographers? 🙂

This postcard of the old lady in a cyclo was taken by Radhika Chalasani.  Suffice to say, this got a lot of hits. After finding out that a lot of postcrossers liked this postcard (lots of requests coming in and even fellow postcrosser Chris from Malaysia did some panic-buying of this one postcard on his last visit), I just had to find out about the photographer.

I found out that Radhika Chalasani is a New York-based photographer and has done considerable work in Asia and Africa.  There are other postcards featuring her work which are actually in circulation but this old lady’s photo is my favorite.  I actually sent her an email and she emailed back.  Pogi points for the photographer, except that she’s female.  Okay, ganda points then.  I found out that there are some legal issues around her photos which I hope will soon be ironed out.  But she’s grateful that I liked her photos.

If you’re a postcrosser and you like this postcard, maybe dropping Radhika a line would be nice.  You can do the same to your favorite postcard photographer. 🙂

Spread the love!  Send a postcard!

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