W.A.T.P.I.Y.N.: Meet Tom

Tom with his kids

WATPIYN aka Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

I met Tom through the Phu My Hung Neighboours group.  He’s the dad behind the list of places to visit for kids found in the Tom’s World page.

Tom Meyer

French national, born from an Austrian mother and a French father

What’s your story?
Been living in Asia for 10 years, divorced from an Iranian woman, and my 2 sons were born in Bangkok (2001) and Hanoi (2005). I have been appointed as General Director by my company in Hanoi in 2001, and decided to take up the challenge. I succeeded, made the company international standard, and shifted to Saigon in 2007. Currently unemployed, I am a professional “business developer” and my area of competence is centered on the “transport industry”. I am focusing on 2011 to evaluate my own activity set-up, or join into a professional partnership. Options aren’t so numerous, but the challenge is big. I have a “love-hate” relationship with Vietnam, knowing well enough that when I will leave, I will miss the country for all its adventurous aspects (road trips, landscapes, daily working surprises, deregulation in many areas of the daily life, etc…).

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