Christmas Mass in Saigon

Church at 44 Tu Xuong St., D3

It’s almost Christmas!  4 days to go and it’s celebration time! 🙂

I’d just like to share with you the schedule of Christmas English Mass.  I got this information from our Filipino priest, Father Lito (he is also our teacher in Vietnamese language).

December 24, 8 PM
Pastoral Center
6 Bis Ton Duc Thang St. D1

December 25 and 26, 2:30 PM
44 Tu Xuong St. D3

I have yet to check Notre Dame Cathedral, but it’ll probably still be 9:30 am on Christmas Day.

Father Lito also reminded me to be prepared of the December 24 Mass because there will be heavy traffic for sure.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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1 Response to Christmas Mass in Saigon

  1. ds says:

    thank you for the information. really helpfull.

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