Kipling Sale

As usual, I spent my lunch hour walking along Nguyen Hue St.  If you see a gal with a camera phone on hand, walking along Nguyen Hue and taking photos of whatever fancies her, that’s me!

And I saw this!  ORIGINAL Kipling items on sale at the Kipling Shop.  50% off from December 18, 2010 to January 4, 2011.

It’s not the type of Kipling bags you see in Saigon Square or Cho Ben Thanh.  It’s THE original.  😀

Happy shopping!


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2 Responses to Kipling Sale

  1. Vick says:

    I am sorry but I cannot find the shop by any chance do u know where it has moved to?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Keshia says:

    hi, its keshia, may i ask when will be your next kipling sale? If it doesn’t boyher you may i ask you to rmail me at for more info about your next sale. Thank you. Pleasure to do business with you

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