Hong’s Nha Bep

I’m not sure if chi Hong actually calls her little food stall nha bep (kitchen) but it looks like one, doesn’t it?

I was at the market along Ton That Dam St. looking for a sack bag.  The big ones so I can put the stuff I’m bringing home to Manila.  Either that or I’ll just use a box.

So anyhoo, it was lunch time and I couldn’t find the bag so I ate.  I stumbled upon Hong’s kitchen at the back of one of the stalls selling household stuff.  I saw a Vietnamese woman eating noodle soup with liver, pork, and veggies right in front of this eatery so I sat down and ordered.  I love liver. 😛

Good thing I’m not picky where I eat and what I eat and my tummy held up!  Good tummy!

The food is delicious and yes, I will come back.  Maybe Hong and her friend, Hien will help me with my Vietnamese.

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