Carl’s Jr. in Phu My Hung

When Carl’s Jr. opened this year in Vincom Center in District 1, I have to admit that I was one of the people excited about it.  I’ve missed Carl’s Jr.  And yes I’ve missed burgers.

I’m not a burger person really but sometimes, when you crave for a real burger, it’s good to know where to go. Especially here in Vietnam when clearly, isn’t a burger country.

Now, Carl’s Jr. is going to open a new store in My Khanh II in Phu My Hung!  I don’t know if that’s good news or what.  😀  It’s gonna be difficult to go on a diet when PMH is suddenly coming alive with all the fastfood.  Dominos Pizza just opened, and now we have Carl’s Jr. to look forward to.

[updated: April 5, 2011, Carl’s Jr. Phu My Hung still hasn’t opened yet]

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2 Responses to Carl’s Jr. in Phu My Hung

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  2. Michael Brent says:

    and… its gone. Closed last week. 2010-2018 a bit of a fail.

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