Meet Ja Nathan

If not for the free Zumba classes I won from the Saigon South International School Bazaar last November, I wouldn’t have met Ja Nathan.  Ja, is the lady behind the Zumba classes becoming increasingly popular in District 7.

I’ve attended her classes twice in Crescent Gym and both times, the class was huge — and really fun.  I love that Zumba is a good workout and IS enjoyable.  And it doesn’t matter if you don’t get the steps right the first time.  Just move your butt and you’ll be fine.  Ja has also incorporated hip hop into the usual Latin dance steps of Zumba.

Name Ja Nathan
Age  42
Living in District? Phu My Hung
Where are you from? Thailand
How long have you been living in Saigon? 9 months
What brought you to Saigon? Husband dragged me here.What are you up to (work/leisure/etc)?
Zumba Fitness Dance
What do you like most about living in Saigon?
Business opportunity
What do you hate the most about living in Saigon?
No good parks(we used to live in NYC not far from Central Park before we move here – so you can figure out), can’t drive  own car
Any tip for would be travelers to Saigon?
Don’t stop when you are crossing the road
What is your most unforgettable Saigon experience?
Motorcycle accident
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