Hoang Yen Restaurant

The first time I ate at Hoang Yen with my officemates, I was hooked.  Buffet lunch at 99,000 VND?   Who can say no to that?

And to top it off, the food is GREAT.  I highly recommend bringing visitors here as the Vietnamese food is really good.  The fact that it’s buffet, you, as a host wouldn’t have to worry about what to order for your guests.

My favorite includes the caramelized chicken marinated in fish sauce, the barbecue, mango and fish salad, banana and chicken salad, spring rolls, and yes, even the balut!  They have balut!!!

Just a tip if you want to try the place out:  go early or book a reservation.  It’s that popular that at the height of lunch and dinner, it can be difficult to get a seat.

There are several Hoang Yen Restaurants but I liked the one in Zen Plaza because of the buffet.  Other outlets do not have buffet.

148 Hai Ba Trung St., Q1
7 Ngo Duc Ke St., Q1
1st Floor Me Linh Point Tower, 2 Ngo Duc Ke St., Q1 [NEW]
5th Floor Zen Plaza, 54-56 Nguyen Trai St., Q1
3rd Floor Parkson Hung Vuong, Q5
Crescent Mall, Q7
114 Bui Thi Xuan St., Q. HBT, Ha Noi

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8 Responses to Hoang Yen Restaurant

  1. paul says:

    Balut = Hot Vit Lon.. I can’t stomach that 😦

  2. Sona Lacusky says:

    This a great line. I enjoyed it very much. Sona Lacusky

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  4. Kim Nguyen says:

    horrible services in hoang yen zen plaza. 5th floor. the manager guy, is very impolite to us.

  5. Kim Nguyen says:

    I would rate the worse services I ever had in Hoang Yen Zen Plaza on 5th floor.
    This is my first time come to Hoang Yen Restaurant and we haven’t eat yet and the guys (manager) ask us to pay immediately with very rude manners. I mean some of the restaurant ask everyone pay first at door and apply to everyone, no choices, but this restaurant chose only certain table to pay first before you eat. This is very offend to us that they only chose for certain faces that they don’t trust.
    When I ask have you open yet. one of the guy ignore and walk away like I was on another earth.
    horrible services. The foods is ok that we can get anywhere else with nice and friendly services than Hoang Yen Restaurant.
    I would not refer my friends nor my family to Hoang Yen 5th floor, Zen Plaza. And we never
    come back to the place like this. Hopefully Hoang Yen Restaurant has to change and train your staffs better services in order to keep your business last longer.

    • Lyra says:

      Hi Kim!

      Sorry to hear that.

      They do ask you to pay first but the last time I was there, we paid when we were seated down already. They ask you to pay first because they find it difficult to keep track of the traffic. So much people come in for buffet.

      We usually come a bit earlier than the lunch or dinner hour so we can get good seats and the waiters aren’t too stressed yet. And yup, they are a bit rude.

      But I would still come back for the food. You might want to try their outlet in Me Linh Tower instead which offers buffet as well.

      The Hoang Yen in Crescent Plaza has good service but it doesn’t offer buffet.

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