Out-2 Design Studio

Together with another mom, we stumbled upon Out-2 Design Studio (http://www.out-2.com/index.php) tucked in L6 FAFilm Building 6 Thai Van Lung St., District 1 ran by Kate Anderson.

The studio serves as a showroom of art pieces from lamps, paintings to sock-made stuff toys.  Artists in Vietnam can bring their products here to sell.

We brought friends over and the canvas bags and magnet boards the studio was selling were what they liked best.

If you’re looking for some party banners, Out-2 Studio sell those too.

Regularly, they hold art sessions for kids and adults and they even host art parties. Kate has been very active in bazaars around Saigon.

Do check out their blog for updates: http://out2studio.wordpress.com/.

[Out-2 Design Studio moved to Vin’s Space in 4 Le Van Mien, Thao Dien District 2. – updated April 9, 2011]

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