Almost Tet!

With Tet fast approaching, the whole city is bustling with activity.  Main roads are being decorated with pink and yellow blooms and Nguyen Hue St. is getting a major makeover for the Flower Festival!  I can’t wait!  I loved what they did last year!

The trouble though is that 2 lanes are closed along Nguyen Hue and so the traffic is pretty bad (but not Manila-bad).  Traffic in the sense that the motorbikes and cars are all in one lane now and there is an endless stream of vehicles zipping by.  For a non-local, this spells trouble because I really am not good dancing cha-cha with the motorbikes.  It takes much, much longer now for me to cross the streets. 😦

Can’t wait for the holiday so I wouldn’t have to deal with crossing the busy streets!

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