Oh Gee!

I am an ice cream person and I really do not frequent yogurt places but Gee-licious was on trial run offering 20% discount for today — so who can say no to that? 😛

So after dinner, we walked to Gee’s and ordered a couple of yogurt.  One topped with strawberries and grapes, and another for my son, topped with small chocolate kisses and froot loops.  I think yogurt and fruits complement each other better.

Hubby also ordered a Oreotango smoothie.  My son loved it!  🙂  I guess Gee’s smoothies are more for the younger crowd.

Their menu includes smoothies, yogurt, mocktail, and coffee.  Coffee (hot/cold) price starts at 30k to 40k VND, smoothies at 48k VND, and mocktails at 38k VND.  For yogurts, you have a choice of 2, 3, or 4 toppings which are priced at 45k, 55k, and 65k VND, respectively.  They charge an extra 8k VND for additional topping.

The place is simply designed in hot pink and black colors for the furniture.  Die-cast Final Fantasy characters on several podiums serve as subtle dividers for the dining area.  I spoke a bit with Gee (Yup! Gee is the nickname of the co-owner) because she was going from table to table asking about our feedback on the yogurt.  The place is co-owned by Gee’s boyfriend who owns the Final Fantasy collection.

I really like the layout of Gee’s which is very spacious and I bet you can hold parties there.

Hubby was thinking that they should add more to their menu, like cakes and pastries.  Their current menu I think only goes with afternoon and evening time. But otherwise, Gee’s a nice place to hang out especially in the evenings or when you want to escape the hot, hot afternoons we are experiencing now.

Check out Gee-licious at Sky Garden.  [Gee is open through Tet!]

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4 Responses to Oh Gee!

  1. Jack says:

    I love yogurt with fruit toppings like berries and mangoes. I’ve tried it with cereals and chocolate I don’t like it. I want to have it everyday for my dessert but it’s quite expensive. It would cost around Php 150 for the same measure as yours on the photo. Sayang, tutti frutti stall is just walk away from my office so everyday I take a peek and drool. But if I have enough money to spare I buy. Buti pa ang ice cream sa 7 eleven Php 15 pesos lang per cone 😀

  2. lyraliza says:

    Hi Jack! Oo nga yogurt is quite expensive. 45k VND is roughly Php 120. Funny thing is when you walk a building away from Gee’s there’s this ala- 7-11 serving the same at 15k VND (Php40). hehe. I hust don’t know if it tastes the same. 🙂

  3. andrea says:

    Hi, May I know where exactly is Sky Garden? And perhaps, what is around that area. I am going to HCM on friday (8 April) actually!

    • Lyra says:

      Hi andrea! Sky Garden is in Phu My Hung, District 7. It’s not a tourist area but a residential location — foreigner-friendly. Lots of restaurants and parks here.

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