Book Street at Mac Thi Buoi St.

The Book Street at Mac Thi Buoi St. opened today which is also part of the Tet celebration.

I’m not familiar with the bookshops involved except for Fahasa.  The books being sold were discounted (Fahasa at 10%) and include business, inspirational, fiction, and kids books.

However, I have to admit that I was kinda disappointed because most are Vietnamese titles.  Fahasa was the only bookshop selling English titles and even they had limited selection. 😦  But it’s worth checking out nonetheless.

There’s a small stage in the middle, so there might be some entertainment provided.  I wonder if they will be holding storytelling sessions.  Also, saw this man doing calligraphy:

The Book Street theme is Uoc Mo or “Dream”. And though there aren’t much books for me to choose from, I’m glad that the government is promoting the importance of books and reading.

The Book Street is open till February 6.  Read more about it here.

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