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Fundraiser for Christchurch

In September 4, 2010, an earthquake with 7.1 magnitude hit Christchurch, New Zealand.  So, it really is a great shock that again in February 22, 2011, the same location got struck again by a 6.3 magnitude of an earthquake.  With … Continue reading

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Vietnammm: Order Online

For a small family such as ours, it’s sometimes more easier to order in than to prepare a meal at home — especially over the weekend.  The amount of dishes to wash just pile up and on weekends, I’m on … Continue reading

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Crescent Wellness Group Fitness Demo

Crescent Wellness is offering group fitness demo classes next week (February 28 to March 5) including Les Mills Body Combat, Les Mills Body Balance, and Zumba.  There are regular classes for Pilates, Yoga, Aqua Fitness, Belly Dance, and more! Crescent … Continue reading


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Tiel the Turtle and Maison Chance

Meet Tiel the Turtle.  This is my son’s toy which I purchased in the souvenir shop in the  Buu Dien (Central Post Office) in District 1. There are other animals, like the crab and elephant (and more), which I hope … Continue reading

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Laundry & Ticketing Service

Oh yes!  Not another Laundry & Ticketing venture again, right?  Well, you wouldn’t know when you need one. This one is something I helped set up.  Phu Hoang Anh (PHA) Laundry & Ticketing opens on Monday, February 28. For the … Continue reading

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đậu hủ vs taho

Of course, I forgot to take a photo before I started eating my đậu hủ (right photo) or taho (left photo) in Filipino. This is one of the staple breakfast food in the Philippines which you buy from a vendor that usually … Continue reading

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Vietnam Acts on Libya Crisis

Early this month, Egypt was successful in pressuring Mubarak to step down as president, ending his 30 years regime.  This time, it’s neighboring countries, Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya who are under the radar. Libya, an oil-rich country nestled in the … Continue reading

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Room for Rent in the Heart of District 1

“People come and go, they say hi, they say hello…” This line is taken from a childhood friend’s poem which rings true for most of the people I know in Saigon.  We may be residents now, but we are all … Continue reading

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Park at Your Own Risk

Well this is something I don’t see everyday but I’m sure is something that happens anywhere in the world. When my husband and I were on our way to bring my son to playschool, this was what we saw in … Continue reading

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Hello Kids Children’s Centre

So apparently, this new kids favorite Hello Kids in Crescent Mall opened in December 2010 according to this tidbit.  And they have all these kind of activities like reading, drawing, and art classes aside from their play facility. They’re open … Continue reading

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