Tet @ The Crescent

We caught the last night (I think) of the Phu My Hung Flower Festival at the Crescent Mall.

The area surrounded by Paragon Parkson, Unilever, and Crescent was turned into a flower and cat-themed park, fairgrounds, and flower market.  There was a stage as well for the performances every night which began last January 26.

The park was interesting with the different flowers showcased and some odd plants you wouldn’t find in a usual park — like maize and rice!

The kids also enjoyed the playground with swings, a looooong see-saw, and bamboo bridges.  My son enjoyed the sandy areas and kept asking me for a shovel!  He thought we were in a beach!

We also checked out the bazaar which sold apparel, kitchen equipment, decors, etc.  The teen clothes where real cheap!  Like 20kVND!

There also is a mini-carnival with kiddie rides like the bump cars, train, an bump boats. Street food was everywhere too!

The flower market was huge and I really wanted to buy some plants like the orchids or cactus.  Of course, the usual Tet flowers were available in their yellow glory. 🙂

We left Crescent around 9pm with the place still filling up with people — mostly to catch the on-stage performances.

Tomorrow is Lunar New Year’s Eve and I can’t wait to see the fireworks!

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