Parkson Paragon

I haven’t been in Paragon in a long, long time.  The last time I believe was last August 2010 when I showed my mother-in-law around.  She was surprised that it was a mall because although there were a lot of shops, there weren’t many people around.  You can actually walk a floor and just see 2 or 3 shoppers around — sometimes nil.  So it was no surprise when they closed down for some time and voila, in January 2011, Paragon is no more but Parkson Paragon.

So there you have it folks, Parkson Paragon.  I haven’t been in it yet.  But I do hope the people behind “Parkson” breathe new life into this mall.  My son’s first movie experience was in Paragon’s cinema (Alvin and the Chipmunks 2)! It’s a pretty mall too!  With Crescent Mall quickly filling up, and with Thien Son Plaza just a stone’s throw away, Parkson Paragon has a lot of competition.

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