Donut’s Donuts and Pan de Sal

Pan de Sal ala Donut's Donuts

My boys were waiting for me at Donut’s Donuts this afternoon when I got home from work.

Donut’s Donuts opened sometime during the 4th quarter of last year.  And for me, this was a good thing because I really missed munching on donuts.  There is American Donuts nearby but it’s a bit over my budget.  The bakeries around didn’t really specialize on donuts so it was a real treat that Donut’s Donuts opened.  They offer lots of good flavors.  And like Krispy Kreme, they have glazed donuts.

Before we left the store, we saw Pan de sal on the shelf!  Of course we just had to try it.  I must admit though that it’s a bit matigas (tough) to the touch.  There’s still the taste test of course.  So we just have to wait for the verdict if it’s better or at par with the pan de sal we have back home.  For 8 pieces, the price is 20,000 VND or around 50 pesos.  Ma cua!  Ang mahal! But that’s actually the standard price here for this salted bread.  I just heard that my suki (usual seller) of pan de sal increased her price to 25,000 VND — so I really pray Donut’s Donuts version is good.

The store owners of Donut’s Donuts spent some time in Manila and knowing that there are lot of Pinoys in the neighborhood, their pan de sal will surely be a hit.

In other news, does Donut’s Donuts remind you of another famous donut store?

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