Spotted: Double Dutch Ice Cream!

When I went back to Manila for vacation last month, one of my taste treats in my list is Selecta’s Double Dutch ice cream.  Yup!  It’s my favorite!

Wall’s is the counterpart of Selecta here in Vietnam and when we got here in 2009, I couldn’t find the flavors I knew and loved back home.

There are a lot of available ice creams anyway like Bulla, New Zealand, Fanny, and Haagen Dazs which have a wide range of flavors.  But still, since Wall’s is here anyway, why don’t they carry Double Dutch, right?

I was pleasantly surprised when I dropped by our neighborhood store, May’s, this evening and saw Wall’s Double Dutch!  Hoop dee doo!

So there you have it folks, Wall’s Double Dutch is now in Saigon!  Or was it there and I just didn’t see it?  Either way, I’m glad it’s here!

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