Domino’s Online Ordering

Decided to give Domino’s online ordering system a try this evening.  And whaddya know?  With a little over 7 minutes to spare, my order arrived!

I kinda got confused a bit with the EXTRA section of the online ordering, but after that, it was pretty easy to navigate the site.  The Barbecue Sauce button wouldn’t work though.  I don’t know if it depends on the pizza I was ordering — but I ordered Meat Lovers and barbecue sauce goes with that, right?

Anyway, I was able to change the sauce into barbecue when they called for order confirmation —one minute after  I hit the Confirm Order button.  I also received a confirmation email.  Cool.

Pretty disappointed with the Lava Cake.  For 30,000 VND (Php 90) it sure is teeny weeny.  Now on to the taste test!

Domino’s Pizza also has an ongoing promo “Two for Tuesday”.  Buy 1 Get 1 Free for any large pizza that you buy.  Order through

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  1. zmfrederick says:

    I think that online ordering is really an untapped market for most restaurants. Papa John’s has taken over a billion orders since they began taking online orders in 2001. I wrote an article about the different consumer opinions and surveys testing online food orders for satisfaction, etc.

    Check it out here:

    We’re also running our own survey about online food ordering. Take the survey here:

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