Pictures on the Vietnam War

This set of postcards by ex-field photo journalist, Doan Cong Tinh contains 16 photographs taken during the Vietnam War.

I was hesitant to get this at first as I’m no fan of depressing postcards or photographs.  In the end, my love for stories and history won (Have I told you that I’ve been to the Reunification Palace four times?).

This set shows snapshots of what has transpired in the Vietnam War — the bombings, the carrying of arms, and the hurt soldiers.

But what I liked most about this set is that the journalist was also able to take photos of hope as seen in the faces of the soldiers and civilians.

I’ve never experienced being in a war and hopefully I won’t in my lifetime — and I pray that we all won’t have to go through one ever.

Vietnam has come a long way after the war.  And if you see the Vietnamese people now, you’d think that they never had to go through such a tumultuous time in their history.  As a whole, I find them to be resilient as a people.  May be that is the reason why they come across as “laid-back” people — they’ve gone through hell and fire already.  Now despite the financial crisis all over the world, this is nothing compared to what they’ve gone through.  May be we can learn a thing or two from them.  Let’s just chill.  Coffee, lounge, and watch the motorbikes pass by.

Found this set of postcards at the Central Post Office at 80,000 VND for 1 set.


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