Park at Your Own Risk

Well this is something I don’t see everyday but I’m sure is something that happens anywhere in the world.

When my husband and I were on our way to bring my son to playschool, this was what we saw in our parking area. 😀

The disgruntled park slot renter obviously couldn’t keep his temper in check anymore and resorted to writing his complaint on the Everest with a permanent blue marker.  I’m sure it can be easily removed but I’m sure the car owner won’t be too happy seeing this mar his car’s perfect paint.

The car on the far right is the actual “owner” of the parking slot.  Glad to see that his tires aren’t slashed yet — meaning the parking slot thief probably hasn’t seen this words of wisdom written on his Everest. 😀

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1 Response to Park at Your Own Risk

  1. Jay says:

    The slot owner should have removed the number plates and handed them into the traffic police. They would most likely hit the miscreant parker VND100,000.

    In the meantime the lawful parker should have his plate mounting screws replaced with pop rivets!

    Too drastic. use security instead of the police.

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