Room for Rent in the Heart of District 1

“People come and go, they say hi, they say hello…”

This line is taken from a childhood friend’s poem which rings true for most of the people I know in Saigon.  We may be residents now, but we are all just passing through.  I can now cross the street of Saigon with the zigzagging of motorbikes but not too confident enough to try it every time I go out.  We’re not tourists but we’re in the in between.  We’re not THE outsiders but nor are we in the know.  For me, it’s like living in the border of Manila and Saigon, had both been linked together — and not actually oceans apart.

I actually enjoy being in the middle. For every waking moment spent in Saigon is like being immersed in wonder and in the unexpected.

Having said that, this beautiful room (photo above) will soon be unoccupied, as my friend will be leaving our lovely and vibrant city soon.  It’s a 1 bedroom, 1 toilet and bath in Pasteur St., District 1.  It’s a 3-minute walk to the picturesque Notre Dame Church from this apartment.  Drop me a line if you’re interested.  Better yet, email me at

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2 Responses to Room for Rent in the Heart of District 1

  1. Dani says:

    Having just come back from a Holiday at “home” I know exactly what you mean. We really did not fit in there anymore. I guess part of me had been holding back getting too settled here as we know it is only temporary. Upon my return it really felt different here. I have come back with a new perspective on Saigon and ready to embrace it and call it “home”. It was a lovely realsation. 🙂

  2. Lyra says:

    Hey Dani. I too am holding back about settling in Saigon — like I want to buy stuff for the kitchen but I’m always thinking, “how the heck am I gonna bring this home?” I try not to be too attached but I think it’s difficult not to like living here, no?

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