đậu hủ vs taho

Of course, I forgot to take a photo before I started eating my đậu hủ (right photo) or taho (left photo) in Filipino.

This is one of the staple breakfast food in the Philippines which you buy from a vendor that usually goes ’round the village calling out “Tahooooooooooooooooo!!!”  Actually, where I used to live, if you hear this, it means I’m late for work. 😛

Both are of course made of soya but the Filipino version usually goes with brown sugar syrup and tapioca.  I am not a tapioca-fan so I usually tell the vendor to leave those out.  Here in Vietnam, the đậu hủ is accompanied with ginger-flavored syrup.  Yup, they have actual ginger in it — and surprisingly, I actually enjoy having this for breakfast.  My officemate told me that the ginger is good for digestion.  More healthy meals from Vietnam, eh?  A definite must try!

Leaving you with a video of a couple of Americans trying to sell taho in the Philippines:

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