Vietnammm: Order Online

For a small family such as ours, it’s sometimes more easier to order in than to prepare a meal at home — especially over the weekend.  The amount of dishes to wash just pile up and on weekends, I’m on vacation-mode.  Those dishes can wait.

I don’t know about you but we receive a number of fliers from restaurants in our mailbox and sometimes there’s just some by our apartment door. Delivery information is important but I’ve got a drawer-full of it already!  So I tried scanning the menus from my favorite restaurants and thrown the rest away.  I also shared some of those information here.

HOWEVER, I can’t possibly know everything what’s good to eat out there.  Jochem Lisser of has started an online ordering and delivery information portal.  It’s still in its infancy stage but it already has a lot of restaurant information in Ho Chi Minh City.  So folks, if you feel lazy cooking, you know were to go:  http//, choose your restaurant, and pick up the phone.

Thanks Jochem for sharing your website!


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