Sunday Specials in Saigon

The photo taken on the left is one of the last Masses celebrated by our Filipino priest, Fr. Lito here in Saigon before he left for further studies.  This was taken on Christmas Day.  The priest on the right is Fr. Rey, a Brazilian, of the religious order working with migrant workers and seafarers.  Fr. Rey has now become the regular celebrant every Sunday at 2:30 pm at the church in Tu Xuong St., District 3.

Most attendees are Filipinos but since I started attending mass here (late last year), the community has grown and a lot more foreigners are attending.  It was wonderful to see the church fill up.  And hearing songs that I’m familiar with being sung by the choir is such an awesome experience every time.  Nothing beats hearing and singing the songs that you’ve grown up with.

Last Sunday, the choir, sang Darlene Zschech’s Love You So Much (Zschech is one of my favorite artists.  Another favorite from her is Shout to the Lord.), Don Moen’s Two Hands One Heart, God Will Make a Way (another Don Moen song I know by heart since we sang this for World Youth Day ’95 celebration in our high school), Arnel de Pano’s Lead Me Lord (a song popularized by Filipino artists, Basil Valdez and Gary Valenciano), and another Don Moen original God is Good All the Time.

With a fantastic homily by Fr. Rey (who was a hit especially hearing him trying to speak Filipino) and great selection of songs by the choir, it was one blessed Sunday indeed!  Can’t wait to attend next Sunday!

Also, The Feast by the Light of Jesus Community is inviting everyone for a retreat right after the mass at 3:30 PM entitled, Make Disciples.

If you miss the anticipated English mass on Saturday at the Pastoral Centre, and the Notre Dame mass on Sunday morning, do join us.

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