Taxi Tales

Today, I had to rush for work because I had an early meeting.  So instead of trying to catch the usual Dong Khoi-PMH Shuttle, I took a cab (Mai Linh) and headed to District 1 (I know! Ma qua!).  Before we reached the office I knew I was in trouble because I didn’t have small bills and it was too early for the driver to have change.

So when I paid, I handed the driver 500,000 VND. True enough, he didn’t have change.  I thought he was going to make a big deal out of it but what was amazed when he got a piece of paper and wrote his name (Tu) and number and told me  to pay when I get back to Phu My Hung.  WOW!  I paid him 50,000 VND — because that was the only other bill in my wallet.

So tonight, when I got back in Phu My Hung, I called him up and he showed up!  I gave him a tip too.  It was just so nice of him to trust me.  Sometimes, people here in Saigon really surprises you.

God bless Tu!

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6 Responses to Taxi Tales

  1. Dani says:

    Wow! Good to hear a nice story about taxi’s instead of the usual rip-offs. 🙂

    • Lyra says:

      Yeah Dani. On my part, I could have just not fulfilled my end of the bargain. Another, cab driver in PMH let me pay less than the fare too — same scenario but I was just 3000 VND short. It was really nice of him. That made my day.

  2. Jay says:

    He was just complying with the law. No change and the trip is free. Not enough people seem to know this and they end up getting taken.

    The best best cab company in town, IMO, is Vina That’s NOT VINASUN) as they have the better drivers who are actually trained. Mai Linh is next best and by far the worst is Vinasun.

    You can often tell the pirate taxi’s by the fact they use magnetic signs whereas full-time cabs have proper, permanent signage.

    Always make a note of your cab number, too, so if you forget anything or have some other problem you know which cab it was. If there IS NO CAB NUMBER BEHIND THE REAR PASSENGER DOORS – do NOT enter the cab.

    • Lyra says:

      Thanks for the info Jay.

      Admittedly, I only ride Mai Linh and Vinasun because those are the ones available to me. Never been on a Vina because I don’t see them all around that much in my usual route. Good to know, there’s another reliable cab company around.

  3. Philippa Honner says:

    That’s nice. We arrived in Hanoi this morning as two tourists on the overnight train from Sapa. My your son had been vomiting with food poisoning all night. We accepted a ride from a taxi guy at the station who promised he would use the meter. He charged us over $550,000 dong for a short ride to our hotel near the old quarter. I knew it did not sound the right price but it was 5.30am after no sleep and my son still sick. I protested but he insisted and literally took the bills from my hands. Welcome to Hanoi. What a shameful start to visiting this city. I’m pretty sure it was a green taxi.. but could be wrong.

    • Lyra says:

      So sorry that ordeal happened to you. 😦 I am not familiar with taxi cabs in Hanoi. I do remember riding cabs there but there are other franchises that I am not aware of.

      Hope your son is feeling much better!

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