Papa’s Chicken to the rescue!

Was planning a good meal for dinner tonight through a recipe I found in Home Cooking Rocks that I actually went ingredients-hunting during my office lunch break.  I promised myself to find the rest of the stuff when I get home from work — but alas!  It wasn’t meant to be because it rained during the late afternoon and I couldn’t go out. 😦

So with no other option but to order in, I called up Papa’s Chicken. We just got the 1/2 fried chicken with the 2 yummy sauces (spicy and garlicky).  Haven’t ordered from them in a while that we didn’t know that their prices went up a bit.  But I must say, their chicken recipe is still good and I would probably be ordering again when I find myself in a middle of a kitchen crisis.  Who am I kidding?  I’ll probably be calling them up again every time I’m lazy to the cook (which happens quite often).

Below is a copy of the order slip with the prices — which I wish they translated to English too (I mean it’s already in Korean and Vietnamese.  What’s one more language, right?).  But then again, it’s an order slip.  But why did they give this to me? *scratches head*

Papa’s Chicken Restaurant
S37-1 Hung Vuong 2 Block
Tan Phong Ward, District 7
(08) 54100454

District 2: (08) 62960001

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