SSIS International Day

Last Tuesday on March 1, I spent some time in the celebration of the International Day at Saigon South International School.  Mostly, I came to support my fellow mommy-friends who have put much work into the event.  Besides helping set up for the celebration, they all had to design their kids’ national costumes.

The auditorium showcased the different countries that the students represent in this international school.  Each country had a booth designed by parents (mostly moms).  The Philippines booth had a mini area for storytelling (as seen above) where Daddy Albert (also a teacher in SSIS) tells the riveting story of the “Alamat ng Pagong” or the Legend of the Turtle.  You just have to commend the moms for designing the booth which included this huge Turtle and a designed cut-out of another Filipino legend, “Si Malakas at Maganda” or The Strong and the Beautiful — where you can put your head in and take your photos taken.  You can also sample some Filipino delicacies like the polvoron.  Kids went home with goody bags as well.

Going around the auditorium, you’d see Korean and Indonesian moms in their native costumes — which was really very beautiful.  I sampled some Indian snacks as well and took in the different booths.

Here are some photos from the event:

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