Fare Price Hike

And so it is a reality.  The Dong Khoi-PMH Shuttle has increased it’s rates to 12,000 VND last March 5.

Really, it was only logical since the public buses in Saigon has increased it’s fare already since January 1 to 4,000 VND.  And by April or May, the taxis will follow suit increasing their fares to an additional 1,000 VND/meter.  Even train fare will increase as well.  Read more about it here.

I can’t really complain on the shuttle fee increase as it is still 8x more cheaper than to ride a cab to work.

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7 Responses to Fare Price Hike

  1. nodink says:

    I’d like to know your take on riding the public bus. Those bus drivers can be very aggressive on the tiny street of Saigon. I’ve never been on it & not anytime soon.
    They scared me.

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  3. mal says:

    can you tell me where the shuttle bus from dist 1 leaves from (Dong Khoi?)
    ..and also, which bus would i take to dist 10?

    i’m enjoying reading your blog very much, thanks


  4. Lyra says:

    Hi Mal! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    The shuttle leaves at the bus stop infront of the construction of Time Square right beside Lucky Plaza. Check this link for the schedule and pick up points: https://hello-saigon.com/2010/11/13/shuttling-in-and-out-of-district-7/

    For District 10, I’m not familiar with the place but this map might help: http://www.saigonbus.com.vn/images/stories/buyt/sodo09-09.jpg

    That map also has the bus numbers.

  5. mal says:

    thanks much appreciated

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