Dippin’ dots

Feeling a bit guilty for leaving my son two straight days for work that when I saw this Dippin’ dots kiosk right by Garden Cafe where I get off from the shuttle, I bought a cup of ice cream right away to take home.

I’m sure there are a lot of this kiosks around in Ho Chi Minh City but this one is the nearest to where I live.  But I won’t make it a habit to buy here.  40,000 VND a cup is a lot according to my wallet. 😉

If you happen to be craving for some Dippin’ dots ice cream and you happen to be in PMH, you can find them at Garden Cafe and at the PMH Pizza Inn.  Map below.

*** Dippin’ Dots moved to Hung Phuoc 3.  I don’t know if it’s still there in the Pizza Inn. – updated April 17, 2011

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