Product Packaging Review: Real Leaf

Remember my joy when I spotted a Double Dutch Ice Cream in a store near our place?  Well I didn’t exactly got up and shouted “Eureka!” seeing Real Leaf Green Tea available here.  But it sure is nice to see some food and drinks from home that wouldn’t cost me a huge amount of money.  I mean, I sure love the Filipino store near our apartment but the price is pretty expensive.  And I can’t really blame them because the import tax here IS astronomical.  But there’s news that the Vietnam Finance Ministry will cut import duties to 15 percent by April.

So Nestea came out with Real Leaf here in Vietnam.  I actually tried the Philippine version on my last trip early this year.  In the Philippines (left photo) they came up with Honey Lemon, Honey Apple, and Honey Lychee.  I think I only tried Honey Apple which was available in a different packaging as shown in the poster below.

The Vietnamese versions are Tinh Tao and Thanh Mat flavors.  Tinh Tao is like ginger and Thanh Mat is some fruit that I’m not really sure what.  I like the Thanh Mat better because the taste isn’t as strong as Tinh Tao.  However, I’m so sorry, but I still like the blends in the Philippines.

I actually like the Real Leaf packaging here in Vietnam because you can easily distinguish the flavors by the color of the drink because it’s in a more clearer plastic bottle.  The label is color coded as well.  The Philippine version made up for color-coding through the bottle caps and discreet lines on the label.  But the body of the product is bigger and therefore that attracts a consumer more than the small bottle cap and lines.

And I believe the Philippine version came out with new packagings as well as seen below.  Wish they could have just left out the “pitcher” at the bottom of the label.  It would be nice though if  the Vietnamese version can adapt the bottle cap color-coding.

I love the font too!

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3 Responses to Product Packaging Review: Real Leaf

  1. Jason says:

    I like to try Tinh Tao. If it is indeed ginger then it’s bottled Salabat.

  2. Lyra says:

    Matapang ang lasa eh. Pampaganda nang boses? 🙂

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