Bob Dylan in ‘Nam

Tonight, probably at this very moment, thousands of Vietnamese fans have flocked to watch Backstreet Boys This is Us Concert Tour, Ho Chi Minh City leg.  While the more “mature” crowd are still waiting in the sidelines to watch Bob Dylan live in RMIT in South Saigon on April 10, 2011.

Bob Dylan rose to fame in the ’60s and became even more known with his anti-war songs at the height of the Vietnam War.  This gifted song writer struck a chord in the hearts of Americans and paved the way of song writing that actually meant “something” — that you can actually express your opinions through songs.

Being a child of the late 70s, I don’t think I’m familiar with Dylan’s songs.  A British guy who sat beside me in the shuttle asked me about Dylan and his concert and it kinda got me thinking and researching about who Bob Dylan is.  And I was surprised that I indeed know some of his songs — especially Adele’s remake of Make You Feel My Love, originally sang by Dylan in 1997.  Other songs by Dylan that I am familiar with are House of the Risin’ Sun (1960), Blowin’ in the Wind (1962), and The Boxer (1999).  I bet I know a lot more and just don’t know the titles.

It’s a great time to be in Vietnam with Dylan finally visiting the country that inspired his songs that actually propelled him to fame.

Reposting from an email:  General admission tickets are available at 1,038,250 VND (USD $50) and a VIP package for 2,491,800 VND (USD $120). For pre-sales information go to, for international sales go, for sales in Vietnam go to Tickets can also be booked in Ho Chi Minh City at Juice (49 Mac Thi Buoi, D1), The Boathouse (40 Lily Rd, APSC Compound, 36 Thao Dien, D2) and Boomarang (The Crescent, Phu My Hung, District 7).

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