Souvenir: Beer Coolers

Spotted this cool beer coolers at the Post Office gift shop in District 1.

And nope this is not an ad! 😛

Just thought this items are really nice to bring home to friends back home. 🙂

Pricey though at 90,000 VND or 4.5 USD.  But that’s just me because I’m a cheapo.

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5 Responses to Souvenir: Beer Coolers

  1. Robert Tran says:

    Is that a safe bet? I thought the Philippines is still facing a simmering, albeit low intensity Communist insurgency.

  2. Lyra says:

    Hi Robert. I guess it depends where you are bringing the souvenir. 🙂 If I bring this to Manila or anywhere else except for Mindanao, I don’t think it’ll be considered a big deal.

    • Robert Tran says:

      I guess times have changed. I remembered hearing stories of people being kidnapped and held for ransoms by rebels while staying at the PRPC back in the 80’s. Once in while, the AFP would also send a company into the jungle that surrounded our camp to have reported presences of armed men seen lurking around checked out.

      BTW, that earth quake emergency to do list you drew up came not a moment too soon. Hanoi was struck by a 6.0 earth quake last night.

  3. Robert Tran says:

    I live in Las Vegas. But according to the Vina Press, a lot of Hanoian were sent into a panic when the quake happened. Some geologists also think Hanoi is due for an 8.0 quake.

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