Macch(a) Love to Japan

This morning, I went with friends to the Japan fundraiser event at the Vietnam Friendship Association Building.  The gracious, Ms. Kyoko Jotani, the VP of the Japanese Tea CLB was there herself to greet us.

We were served Japanese cakes and maccha tea and partook in a simple Japanese tea ceremony.  The host turned the cup twice before serving us the tea and then we had to turn it once before the 1st drink, turn thrice for the 2nd drink, and you have to make a “slurping” sound for the last drink.  The sound is actually a compliment that the tea is delicious.

It was my first time to try the maccha tea and it IS bitter.  However, there is no bitter after-taste — which was surprising.  It truly was lovely to be part of something traditionally Japan and to be able to contribute in some way to those affected by the aftermath of the 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan.

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