Myanmar Earthquake Felt in Vietnam

At past midnight this morning, a friend in the US sent me a message via IM asking me if I felt the earthquake.  I honestly didn’t feel anything.  So I checked the news, and nothing came up.

But today, I read that yesterday the 6.9 earthquake that hit Myanmar and killed 25 people and collapsed 35 buildings was felt all the way to Hanoi, Vietnam.

With South Asia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam right next to each other, it is no wonder that Hanoi residents felt the tremors.

I just hope that THAT’s that.  With the strong earthquake in Japan, it is but normal that the tectonic plates in Asia would be moving and will cause earthquakes.  But I truly, truly pray that nothing major will hit Vietnam.  Because honestly, I am not familiar with how the structures are built here. 😦

Be safe everyone!  It might be good to look at The List again.

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