yoga matsYesterday, I joined Daphne Chua’s Yoga for Charity.  Daphne taught Yoga Foundation 101 for over 90 minutes and I honestly had a great time.  Daphne has this calming aura around her all the time and amazingly, she can still lecture even if she’s all pretzled-up.

I came in frazzled from walking from Sky to Crescent (very ambitious) and came out from the class energized.

The proceeds of the session went to Camillo Home for the Elderly and the Japan relief efforts.

Today, as expected, I woke up with aching muscles but not as bad when I first joined a yoga class.   The challenge now is attending classes because there’s none near Sky now.  Daphne holds classes in Waterfront which is just a bike ride away BUT I don’t know if I can trust myself on our bike yet.  I think I’ll forever be a beginner at Yoga.

It is a great time to be alive.  Calamities and political unrest have shaken things up and cleared most of the cobwebs of apathy.

Disasters bring the best in people, no?  You have to thank the heavens for giving you opportunities to be a better person.  I wish though that it didn’t have to take such disasters for us to start reaching out to people.

Thanks Daphne for being a channel of giving.

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