Banh Mi Que

This “Que bread” is a thinner version of the French bread and is filled with pate that tastes like liver pate but not quite and a bit spicy.

My officemates who are fond of ordering and buying snacks for the entire team had some delivered yesterday and they’re pretty good and tasty.

So today, I called and asked the minimum delivery order of 10 pieces at 7,000 VND each.  It took some time for it to get to my place (peak time according to them) but it was still hot when my order arrived.  Had a bit of a trouble calling delivery.  I was transfered to 3 different persons because of the language barrier.  BUT, the last guy I spoke with gave me a mobile number so that I can make sure that they get what I order and address correctly.

Banh Mi Que is based in District 1 but have outlets all over HCMC.  For deliveries, you can call (08) 22080000 or send an SMS to 0982366961.

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